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Marijuana Possession and Smoking Legalization

All polling stations for the Lok Sabha election in Bihar have been declared no-smoking zones, an official said on Sunday. Marijuana is federally illegal in the U.S., which includes its sale, use and possession. However, the federal government has declared that any state can pass a law to allow the use of marijuana for recreational purposes as long as they have a regulated system in place. A recent poll conducted by George Washington University (GWU) consisting of likely voters showed that 4 out of 10 respondents are more likely to take part in an election if ballots will be used for the legalization of marijuana. Another 30 percent indicated that ballot initiatives would encourage them to vote. The survey was conducted by Celinda Lake, a Democratic pollster, together with Ed Goeas, a GOP pollster. … Read entire article »

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Personal Liberties and Smoking Ban

According to the Declaration of Independence of these United States of America, we broke from Great Britain in order to attain some unalienable rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Life we’ve given up with the advent of the death penalty. The pursuit of Happiness is a moot point as happiness is a choice open to everyone, but that is a discussion we can have another time. Today I am talking about Liberty. Liberty is the freedom to make our choices and enjoy or suffer any consequences that arise from them. I am writing now in opposition to the proposition offered to the Berkeley County Department of Health to ban smoking of all types in all public areas as well as private clubs and businesses. That law … Read entire article »

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Fire likely caused by smoking materials, marshal says

Smoking materials were the most likely cause of a two-alarm fire at a Vancouver apartment complex last week, Vancouver Fire Marshal Heidi Scarpelli said. Seven people were displaced on Feb. 26 when the fire ripped through The Avenues apartment complex at 5515 N.E. 82nd Ave. just before 1 p.m. One resident of the complex rescued a neighbor’s dog from a burning building. The smoking materials likely ignited combustible materials on a patio of one of the units, Scarpelli said. She said that it is important to throw cigarette butts into water or sand to prevent fires like these. … Read entire article »

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E-cigarettes: Fresh air or smoke and mirrors?

On the edge of the SoHo neighborhood downtown, The Henley Vaporium is an intimate hipster hangout with overstuffed chairs, exposed brick, friendly counter help — but no booze. Instead, the proprietors are peddling e-cigarettes, along with bottles of liquid nicotine ready to be plucked from behind a wooden bar and turned into flavorful vapor for a lung hit with a kick that is intended to simulate traditional smoking. A hint of banana nut bread e-juice lingered in the air one recent afternoon as patrons gathered around a low table to chat and vape, or sidled up to the inviting bar for help from a knowledgeable “vapologist.”  Monte Carlo Silver cigarettes. Places like The Henley are a rarity, even in New York. But “vaping” itself has had astonishing growth — in just eight … Read entire article »

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Eating meat or smoking cigarettes – the same health danger

A new revise disputes that consumption of meat in ‘old age’ could be as lethal as smoking cigarettes — only animal protein too appears to keep populace from heart illness. Headlines suck. That’s since in our world of multimedia, 24-7 news cycles mixing in a sea of “infoglut” — the unrelated, ineffective factoids in which we’re daily engrossed — the majority of us never get over them. There are so many persons who love to smoke Marlboro cigarettes , Winston cigarettes. We scan the websites, blog posts and, if you’re a real dinosaur, the newspaper, and absorb a few quick items without a whole lot of time or effort devoted to digging any deeper. That’s not a criticism of anyone’s intellectual curiosity, but rather a recognition of the sheer volume of information that … Read entire article »

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