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More people appreciate the smoke-free atmosphere

Albany As they celebrated the success of the 10-year-old Clean Indoor Air Act on Wednesday, anti-smoking advocates called for restrictions on in-store cigarette marketing to young people and the elimination of smoking in movies that appeal to teen audiences. LM cigarettes. Inconceivable? People used to say the same thing about the idea that people wouldn’t smoke in restaurants or other workplaces. “Ten years ago, the idea of smoke-free indoor air was an uphill battle,” said state Executive Deputy Health Commissioner Sue Kelly, who called the law “a true public health success.” The Clean Indoor Air Act was intended to protect workers and nonsmokers from inhaling smoke from others’ cigarettes. Secondhand smoke has been linked to asthma, heart disease and cancer. Restaurant and bar owners sued the state over the law in 2003, fearful they would lose business. Those … Read entire article »

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Bigger Prices for Cigarettes from Altria

Altria Group Inc plans to raise the price of some of its smokeless tobacco products and cigarettes. The tobacco creator has decided to slash its off-invoice promotional payment by 7 cents per pack on its Marlboro cigarettes and L&M brand. In addition, Altria’s subsidiary, PM USA has raised the inventory prices by 7 cents per pack and Marlboro Snus Tins by 6 cents. The cost hikes, effective from Dec 1, comes after the company raised the prices of its cigarette products across all the brands in June. Main tobacco players are raising prices as part of their plan to combat tough manufacturing conditions. Management across the world are commanding higher taxes, thus forcing companies to raise prices to maintain their limitations. Altria’s uptick of cigarette prices closely follows Lorillard Inc. Lorillard announced in … Read entire article »

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