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Smoking is good for you

How do you prove that smoking is good for your health? This paradox shows that a large grouping of data can cost a lot less than the sum of its parts. If I was on the tobacco company, and I wanted to prove that smoking was good for you, I would only have to do two things. First, I’d have to wrap my head in a paper bag, throw it on the ground and stomp on it. Next, I’d have to look at the study in the UK in the early 1970s. The study was to examine how a number of different factors affected people’s health. Among other things, he looked at the smoke, and if it has health effects. In particular, it looks at the women and their survival for the … Read entire article »

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Tobacco brands slip into Myanmar

As some of the biggest companies in the world trumpet their arrival in Asia’s hottest frontier market, the tobacco industry has a different strategy: it slips into Myanmar without fanfare. The nation of 60 million people emerged from half-century of isolation and brutal military rule two years ago. With the majority of international sanctions against the country suspended or lifted, foreign businesses of Coca-Cola and Unilever in Suzuki Motors hurried to get in. So there is a Big Tobacco, but without tape cuttings or grandly worded press announcements. Japan Tobacco, № 3 globally, quietly signed nearly a year ago with a local partner tycoon Kyaw Win. A spokesman for the company Royhei Sugata affirmed that company was being built, but declined to discuss details of the scale or brand name to the plant’s … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris International Inc (PM): Insider Buys 120K Shares

Philip Morris International Inc (PM): Insider Buys 120K Shares Key executives at public companies have a virtual mandate to maintain excessive optimism and a tendency to increase almost unconditionally. This dynamic will be on display on many fronts, including press releases, earnings reports, and exchanges with the press. The bottom line is that it just does not make the company or the management of any good to share with the public pessimism. Insider Purchases with huge signals in the market, because it shows how key insiders really feel about the company’s prospects. When insider puts big bet and buys a large stake, it is a very clear indication of confidence. And one of the biggest insiders buying last week came from an investment group that is one of Phillip Morris International, Inc ‘S … Read entire article »

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After Miley Cyrus suggests she prefers weed to the drink

With legions of teenage fans looking for her, has Miley Cyrus set a bad example, confessing she prefers to smoke weed and drink alcohol. The 20-year-old we cannot stop the star made a confession this week, considering that it is less “angry” when it is high compared to when she is drunk. She went on to champion Bob Marley as “a kind of musical Rasta Mother Teresa”, suggesting his genius was all down to his pot smoking. This argument is disappointing on two fronts. First Miley – and other weed-loving celebrities – invariably produces ‘smoking weed is cool’ to impress their fans and glamorising praising its effects. Unfortunately, the “fun” of Toke on a “special cigarette” is not without consequences. A friend of mine recently announced that he was diagnosed with a neurological disease, and while … Read entire article »

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How to grow and cure your own tobacco for ceremonial use

The very first time I saw the tobacco plant I was amazed. It was more than eight feet with a large, thick green leaves and beautiful little pink flowers taken straight from the top of the plant. “What kind of plant is it?” I asked my friend. “Oh, that tobacco plant,” he said. “. Don’t tell anyone I have it. It’s illegal.” I learned two things that day: tobacco is really a sacred plant. One look and you know that in the presence of something special. And, contrary to popular belief, it is perfectly legal to grow your own tobacco in the USA. There are several reasons to grow your own tobacco. First, it is gorgeous and adds a decorative value to any garden. Second, it is incredibly easy to dry and cure the … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris International and Reynolds American offer great value

 Philip Morris International had a tough second quarter, mainly due to adverse currency fluctuations. Gross income after excise taxes, came in at $ 7.917.000.000, missing $ 8.17 billion consensus by a wide margin. But almost 30% of the world market with the exception of the United States and China, and a significant presence in emerging economies, where there are population growth smokers; the owner of Marlboro may be facing a bad impulse.Philip Morris International is the producer of Chesterfield cigarettes and Marlboro Flavor Note cigarettes. Explaining the poor quarter Let’s start with the bad news. Philip Morris International, Inc (NYSE: PM) was once again lowered its profit forecast by 3%. As you can see the stock performance over the past month, the market did not take this lightly. The good news … Read entire article »

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Old tobacco PlayBook gets new use of electronic cigarettes

Companies vying for a share of the fast-growing business of electronic cigarettes are reviving the decades of tobacco industry marketing tactics used to connect generations of Americans to regular smokes. They are using the cabin-top displays and bus stop sponsoring race cars and events, as well as encouraging smokers to “rise from the ashes” and reclaim their freedom in a spot of television commercials featuring celebrities such as TV presenter Jenny McCarthy. The FDA is planning to create marketing and rules for electronic cigarettes in the near future. But today, almost anything goes. “Now it’s the wild, wild west,” Mitch Zeller, director of FDA, for tobacco products, said in a recent interview with the Associated Press. Electronic Cigarette with battery-powered device, made of plastic or metal, which heats a liquid nicotine solution, creating steam … Read entire article »

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