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Marlboro maker goes into e-cigarette

Altria Group (MO) makes the Marlboro brand and the largest manufacturer of cigarettes in the world. But tobacco sales have been in decline for many years, so that Altria and others look at the electronic cigarette to recoup some of their lost sales of tobacco. Altria said last week that it plans to launch an electronic cigarette at the end of this year as it tries to catch up with competitors who are already on the market. Lorillard (LO) is the leading brand – Blu Ecigs. And Reynolds American is seeking to expand sales of its Vuse brand. British American Tobacco is working on what he calls a new “tobacco inhalation device” that is not an electronic cigarette. According to The Wall Street Journal, sales totaled only $ 500 million last year – … Read entire article »

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Manitoba pot smokers, tobacco tax increases

Smokers in Manitoba is not happy to hear that they are paying more for cigarettes than anywhere else in Canada, especially now that the provincial tax on tobacco products have risen again.   On April 16, the tobacco tax was raised from 25 cents to 29 cents per cigarette, which means an increase of about $ 1 per pack of 25.   The province included the tax increase in its 2013 budget, in order to obtain $ 17 million in revenue a year.   But smokers are Olivia Klavic say they were shocked to learn the latest increase in prices, given the high prices they have paid in the province.   “It’s crazy!” Klavic told CBC News late Monday.   “It’s strange that you can just go to Ontario and get it much cheaper,” she added.   Others argued that the hike … Read entire article »

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Why plain tobacco packets could have unintended results

The UK was introducing a plain pack law, banning tobacco from using branding on their packages. It is hard to be agreeing with this law. No one wants a person to start smoking and it will not influence on people decision to give up this habit. Tobacco companies a sure that plain packaging will affect their ability to their production and will erode a lot on their reputation that attaches to cigarettes brands. The tobacco companies have doubts about the law introduction, and about cigarette impact. The challenge for politicians consists in balancing of the rights loss against the public health issues. This balance could be harder to achieve than many assume. In 2012 , Australia became the first country that require tobacco production to be sold in plain packages. Tobacco firms … Read entire article »

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Comparison of tobacco fight to the Opium Wars

To know if tobacco is the equivalent of the Opium Wars in China, it is useful to briefly review the history. When Christopher Columbus explored the New World in 1492, he found the natives were smoking a native plant, tobacco, which they did as for medicinal and ritual purposes. He was the first who introduced it to Europe. From 1617 to 1793, tobacco was the most widely used and valuable major export from the English American mainland colonies and the U.S. Columbus could have never imagined that soon after its introduction in Europe, tobacco will become one of the major threats to health in several Latin American and Asian countries. Tobacco is one of the most addictive substance in the world, was introduced to China via Japan or the Philippines in the 1600s. … Read entire article »

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The plan would hike income legislator’s gas, tobacco taxes

After several weeks of discussion, leadership legislature released its own plan for fixing the transportation system in Massachusetts’ – $ 500 million package of higher taxes on gasoline and tobacco, which is far below the Governor Deval Patrick calls for $ 1.9 billion in tax increases for transportation and education. “We need to invest, but we need to invest in a way that does not bankrupt the current generation,” Senate President Therese Murray, D-Plymouth, said at a Statehouse news conference Tuesday. The plan, put together Murray, House Speaker Robert DeLeo and chairs the budget committee, will cause the current gasoline tax 21 cents to 3 cents a gallon and increase the tobacco tax $ 1 per pack to $ 3.51. The proposal also highlights auto sales-tax revenue to transportation projects, allows tax software … Read entire article »

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Tobacco is an extract from chewing on household use

British American Tobacco scientists used a multi-analysis approach to determining the level of exposure to tobacco constituents chewing users. The results show that, as a rule, less than a third of each component measured was produced during consumer use. Snus is a moist tobacco that is placed under the upper lip. Epidemiological data, in particular from Sweden show that the use of snus is much less dangerous than cigarette smoking because it is not associated with an increased risk of lung cancer, oral cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In this study, reported in the Chemistry Central Journal (10.1186/1752-153X-7-55), the constituents tested components including nicotine, four tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), propylene glycol, water, ammonia, nitrates, sodium, chloride, linalool, citronellal , lineally acetate and geranial. The researchers found that, as a rule, less than … Read entire article »

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