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Industry Group Reports early success with better-for-your cigarettes

Besides not lighting up at all, cigarettes are designed to reduce the impact of tobacco smoke toxins may be the best way to reduce the health risks from smoking. Smoking is a leading cause of preventable disease and death in the U.S., and smokers die an average of 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 69% of smokers want to quit smoking for good, but the addictive effects of nicotine, making the task. That’s why researchers have focused on the creation of alternative cigarette, which can reduce the impact on the smoker one of the most toxic compounds in tobacco smoke and cigarettes in order to reduce medical costs associated with smoking? Over the past ten years, the options, such as electronic cigarettes, … Read entire article »

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Should I buy British American Tobacco for my ISA?

I’ve long been a fan of individual savings accounts (ISAs) as a tax efficient wrapper for the stock holdings. Simply put, if you are going to buy and sell stocks – especially in a long-term investor – then it makes sense to do so within the ISA. There is no further income tax to pay dividends, no capital gains tax to pay at all, and freedom from the burden of reporting income and capital gains to the taxman. Want to know more? And simply put, both capital gains and income prospects, I think that British American Tobacco (LSE: BATS) (NYSEMKT: BTI) is the ideal proportion of ISA. Why? Let’s see. Honorable way out Today’s trading on the forecast yield 4.7%, the investor is taking full advantage of their £ 11,280 annual salary for 2012-2013 … Read entire article »

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Tiny town feels confirmed in New York tobacco supply

When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced this week his new legislation to further reduce the rate of smoking by banning tobacco displays in retail stores, cheers reflected in the lower Hudson Valley. “I think it’s amazing,” Denise Hogan Nayak said Wednesday. Just over a year ago, Hogan – Rockland County Coordinator for POW’R on Tobacco Control Coalition, which serves Putnam, Orange, Westchester and Rockland counties focus on reducing tobacco use – came to the village of Haverstraw consider adopting a local law prohibiting shops that are accessible to minors from parading products containing tobacco or nicotine, such as cigarettes, cigars and pipes, and chewing tobacco. Haverstraw Mayor Michael Kohut and board of trustees of the village accepted POW’R to heart and put into effect a law in April, the first municipality … Read entire article »

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NYC Proposal could keep Tobacco products out of sight

The new proposal would require retailers from New York to keep tobacco production out of the view under the first proposal that consist ij reducing the youth smoking. The legislation would require stores to keep their tobacco products under the counter. They could be visible only when adult persons are making purchase. Bloomberg mentioned the same prohibitions of displays that have been seen in other countries, including Iceland, England, Canada and Ireland. The displays indicate that smoking process is a normal way,” Bloomberg mentioned.” They invited youth to make experiments with tobacco products. Tobacco stores devoted the main sales of tobacco products, that will be important for display ban. The mayor’s office said retail stores could still advertise tobacco products under the legislation.  “We have made excellent strides in smoking combating in New York City … Read entire article »

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Parkland considering a tobacco-free campus

As a nation embraces a healthy lifestyle trends, Parkland College Student Government, a health center, Parkland United Student Health and the Office of Student Life are working together to develop proposals for a tobacco-free policy. Health experts around the world to collect more information to confirm that passive smoking can have a negative impact on human health. The report to the surgeon, he said that no amount of secondhand smoke is safe. Center for Disease Control adds that even brief exposures can be harmful to health. The first step in determining whether or not tobacco-free campus would be useful in college was to hear from students and teachers themselves. Activity program manager John Eby distributed surveys to gather students and teachers view providing a tobacco-free campus. Since the emails were sent out in early … Read entire article »

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Confusion “pack” Tobacco Control Bill

There is some confusion in the Nigerian community in the fight against tobacco on the “pack” Tobacco Control Bill currently before the Senate investigation into the keeper at the weekend showed. Tobacco Control Bill, sponsored by the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Ifeanyi Okowa, and some other senior senators, now in the Senate, entitled “a bill for a law abolishing the Tobacco (Control) Act 1990 Cap. T 16 laws Federation and the adoption of the bill on the national tobacco control in 2012 in order to regulate or control the production, manufacture, sales, advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco or tobacco products in Nigeria and other related issues. ” The bill passed its first reading and second reading is scheduled for this month. Tobacco Control Bill is to assist in … Read entire article »

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Tobacco for dinner

The team of chef’s Croatian whip up spicy food Thursday, infusing flavor associated with tobacco leaves Cuba baked sea bass fillet, bread and butter, a rich Demi Glace Sauce, even ice cream. The result is a spicy heat that one taster compared with ancho chili powder, and a powerful finish with all the nicotine punch Montecristo cigars plump. “Wow, the noise of the city!” said Gary Heathcott, public relations worker from Little Rock, Arkansas, who also writes for the magazine Smoke. “The first buzz I ever got bitten by a fish.” Grgur Baksic, owner and chef Gastronomadi supper club in Zagreb, led a demonstration in front of a standing room only crowd of fans at Havana Convention Center as part of the 15th annual Festival of cigars in Cuba. It is a six-day bash, … Read entire article »

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