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Putin is trying to influence the process of smoking and tobacco

Russia will ban smoking in many public places from June under the law, the central plan of President Vladimir Putin to the citizen’s healthier, increase longevity and help the economy. The law, signed by Putin on Saturday and passed by Parliament last week, smoking will be gradually banned at work, on the subway, restaurants, cafes, ships and long-distance trains in the country with one of the best high in the world of smoking. The laws also limit the sale of cigarettes and a ban on advertising and sponsorship of events by tobacco companies. He was against foreign companies, such as British American Tobacco producer of Dunhill cigarettes, Pall Mall cigarettes, Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco producer of Monte Carlo cigarettes and Philip Morris, which controls more than 90 percent of the Russian … Read entire article »

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Japan Tobacco stock hit as $10 billion stake sale nears

Japan’s gov is set to launch the sale of a part of Japan Tobacco, producer of Monte Carlo cigarettes, being a move that hit the company’s stock offering nearly $10 billion. Shares third largest Tobacco Company in the world, after the report from Reuters about the tobacco sale that will take place in the coming days. The offering of the largest since the USA. $30 billion of the American International Group shares in September comes as Japanese near their highest levels in more then 4 years. JT shares 3.2% at 2,832 yen in late morning, having fallen in three week low of 2, 752yen. The sale of usually prompts represents a fall in price because it will increase the supply of traded stock in the market. Conditions for sell-down in the gov stake in … Read entire article »

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Macedonia reaps a successful tobacco harvest

Macedonian tobacco production has increased by 5,000 tones to date for the 2012-2013, which will end in March. According to favorable subsidies and good purchase for tobacco are behind the production increase. Tobacco is a very important crop for Macedonian economy since its quality. It attracts foreign capital and enhances privatizations. The country garners 80 millions euros annually for tobacco exports. Tobacco products make up 2, 5% of the GDP in Macedonia. The tobacco industry is equal with 4% for total agricultural production and 4, 5% of the sector’s employment. Thought tobacco sales in Macedonia at end of March, 25,500 tones of tobacco has been bought, nearly 97% of total production per year was sold the previous season. In 2011, 14,000 tones of tobacco were sold. Approximately 25,500 tones of tobacco are purchased as an … Read entire article »

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Future Fund buys shares in shamed tobacco company

The Gov‘s billions dollar funds has bought shares in tobacco companies that gave a study about economic benefits of premature deaths. Docs provided in Senate committee increased its tobacco shares in last October reviewing investment strategy. The details reveal that in May last year the fund bought shares in Philip Morris (Czech). In 2001, Philip Morris was forced to apologies for a study commissioned by its international affiliate that found the Czech Republic benefited financially from the early deaths of smokers. The details show that in last May the funds bought shares in Philip Morris, producer of Chesterfield cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes. . In 2001 Philip Morris apologized for studies made by international affiliate that found Czech Republic benefited financially. The purchase of shares interacts with environmental fund, governance policy and social policy. As we … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris eyes Abra towns for tobacco production

Some towns in Abra province are being groomed and became the top among the country’s producers of high-quality tobacco varieties Domingo Agme, field training officer and farmer coordinator of the Philip Morris-Fortune Tobacco Corp. (PMFTC), said the towns of Viillaciosa, Luba, San Isidro, San Juan and Pilar were found to be suitable for tobacco farming. Agme also said the PMFTC, a leading manufacturer of cigarettes in the country, saw the potential of these towns in producing quality tobacco as its mountainous terrains, weather and the availability of irrigation are suitable for growing the crop.Philip Morris is the producer of Marlboro Red cigarettes. He added that the company discovered the towns’ potential after studying the farm soil and the availability of people who are either growing tobacco or interested in cultivating it. “We see a … Read entire article »

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