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Philip Morris Vs. Altria: Diverse Market Or Product Range?

Philip Morris International and Altria are two of the bigger players by market capitalization in the USA tobacco industry. Until a spin-off in March 2008, Philip Morris International made a part of Altria Group. After a split like Tefis. Both companies are focusing on cigarettes selling diversification. While PM focuses geographical selling diversification in more then 200 countries, Altria focuses on product diversification by selling smokeless tobacco. After our comparative analysis we would be focusing on market share and market size for this moment. Market Share: Altria is saying that smokeless products and cigarettes together represent 85% of Altria’s stock price and in both segments company holds nearly 50% of market share in the USA. Brand loyalty of consumers in segments is reducing the elasticity of the demand price, which means lower … Read entire article »

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Tobacco slowed FDA

Tobacco companies have introduced almost no new cigarettes or smokeless tobacco products in the U.S. in more than 18 months, because the federal government did not allow them to do this, Associated Press review has found. This is an unprecedented break in the industry, which historically has introduced dozens of new products every year, and reflects its increasingly complicated relationship with the Food and Drug Administration, which in 2009 began to regulate tobacco. FDA officials say review of applications for new products so long due to “significant shortcomings”, but because the agency takes additional help in reviewing tobacco products that pose risks to public health. Industry executives say cigarettes are not changed in any meaningful way and the delay does not make sense. They say that change is as simple as changing the … Read entire article »

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Bethel Oks hike in tax on tobacco products

Soon it will be not so expensive to be tobacco users. At Tuesday’s meeting Bethel City passed the ordinance that will lead to taxes increase of tobacco products sold in the city. The ordinance will rise cigarettes price by $2.25 per package. More than a dozen people showed up to the Council to comment on the tax and most of them were in his favor. Brian Knutson, a local paramedic, said tobacco products are “more deaths than deaths from HIV, illegal drug use, alcohol use, vehicle injuries, suicides and murders combined.” Citizens who spoke before the council praised the possibilities are ultimately causes people to quit smoking forever. They also said that it could detour young people from picking up the tobacco in the first place, then, Doug Boyer, the site administrator at a … Read entire article »

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India consumes lowest number of cigarettes per annum

The cigarettes news are literally. The third edition of Cigarette Pack released By Canadian Cancer Society affirmed that they have adopted warnings.India’s consumption of cigarettes is lowest in the world. “There has been progress in package warnings implementing, more and more countries required picture warnings. The worldwide opted for growing of warning health picture.” In comparison with global standards, the report is welcome.Indiahas better positions in comparison with some countries like:Italy,Germany,JapanandSpain. When displaying of pictorial warnings on tobacco products. Dr Vishal Rao, consultant oncologist and head and neck surgeon: “From Canadian perspectiveIndiamight be doing well in displaying the pictorial images on tobacco products but, the standards are not complied with. Even the pictures are not changed every year, which is mandatory.” A special committee was made inIndiasome years ago took like a issue. … Read entire article »

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Speaker clears Redford role in tobacco lawsuit

Premier Alison Redford was prevented by the opposition bid to find her in contempt of the legislature over its role in the decision to hire a law firm, her ex-husband to sue $ 10-billion lawsuit against Big Tobacco. Speaker Gene Zwozdesky rights of the opposition failed to prove the Prime deliberately misled the legislature, when she said she did not make the decision to choose a company, despite the signed documents and notes, which suggest that it did. “Of course, the Department admits it is a case of semantics, but it is clear that there was no final decision on the selection of the law firm for the tobacco trials when the prime minister was the Minister of Justice,” Zwozdesky said in his ruling Monday. He found no evidence of a deliberate attempt … Read entire article »

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British American Tobacco can better market Philip Morris?

If you’re interested in creating a diversified and profitable portfolio, you need to compare the same company and choose from the slot product that you should buy. These collections are not always as easy as it seems. I’m going to compare some of the most famous names from the U.S. market. I’m going to use the three main criteria – cost, profit and growth – to compare the company of their peers sector. I have included some U.S. stocks, as they provide UK investors with access to some of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Although there are some tax implications of U.S. stocks in the UK business account, they are quite simple, and I feel outweigh the potential of investing in the U.S. market. I’m going to use … Read entire article »

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Australian laws tobacco marketing gives retailers headache

James Yu, who runs the King, updates tobacco in central Sydney, angered by strict anti-smoking laws in Australia makes the production of packets of cigarettes in gray olive-green box with the image of sick infants and sick body. Packages required on Saturday, when the laws take effect, make it difficult to tell brands apart, making it difficult to supply and added to the cost of their cramped, dark box. Legislation, the most draconian in the world, all the tape packages branding, bright colors and logos, leaving only the name is printed in small type are identical. “It took me an hour to unload the delivery, now it takes me four o’clock,” Yu said, demonstrating how difficult it is to find brands. “The government should have just banned them altogether, and then we would go … Read entire article »

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