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Small Business Q & A: Tobacco World: Cigar Superstore

Where there’s smoke, there’s bound to be fire. This Saturday, the fires will run on butane gas and is used to light cigars, customers and friends to celebrate the 14th anniversary of the World Tobacco: Cigar Superstore on Road sandy plains. “We are roast 30 turkeys and 150 pounds of smoking pork loin. Restaurant friends bring side dishes,” Grantham continues: “There will be a tent in the parking lot with live music Spider Kelly, guest speakers, and gifts. Party starts at noon.” About 25 tobacco blenders and cigar manufacturers are expected, including: Tatuaje Cigars owner, Pete Johnson, Room 101 cigars founder Matt Booth. Tobacco World, seven days a week hangout place for cigar smokers according to Grantham. The 3,000 square feet of space offers customers chairs, ashtrays, a large flat-screen TV and talks … Read entire article »

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