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Big Brands tobacco target teens

Cigarette companies will step up its fight to attract more young people using marketing tactics to prevent smoke from falling, experts warn. Their tactics will be target teens and include a reduction in prices, sexier names and flavor variations, and their preferred brand will always be available. Professor Jenny Romaniuk, International Director Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science UNISA, said the company will use “innovative product”, which allows vary the composition – and create of new flavors to encourage young people to connect with a certain brand. “Companies will not be able to use their packaging to appeal to consumers or appear more glamorous, so they have to find new ways to attract new customers,” she said. Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney, Simon Chapman, said that the majority of smokers take … Read entire article »

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Big Tobacco won its new frontier

He was tipped to post profits of tobacco companies tumbling. Plain packaging of cigarettes Supreme Court victory was proclaimed by the General Prosecutor’s Office, Nicola Roxon, as anti-smoking revolution with global implications. Documentary: Sex, Lies and Cigarettes – how Big Tobacco is aimed at children in developing countries But the final blow of cigarettes in countries such as Australia needs perspective: health experts warn that while the industry is beginning to lose ground in the developed countries, there is a looming humanitarian disaster in the poorest countries, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. This region is now the largest tobacco market in the world, with 6 million new smokers to work in 2009 and another 32 million are expected to be added in 2014, based on industry estimates. The World Health Organization has … Read entire article »

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Asia needs to take a page from the volume of Australia on tobacco

Tobacco dealers in the world down to Australia after the country’s highest court backed tough cigarette labeling rules anywhere. So far, the focus was on the intellectual property rights, potential claims BAT Plc, Japan Tobacco Inc. and others like them, and the position of investors. More attention should be on how many lives will be saved and how much economic output will not be wasted, as other nations will follow the example of Australia. There’s a reason Big Tobacco led a fierce struggle with the ban in Australia logo and the requirements for graphic health warnings that cover 90% of the back of cigarette packs and 70% to the front. If this precedent is spread, and there is every reason to think that it would be, it would shorten the path to … Read entire article »

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Burley tobacco crop in Kentucky

For burley tobacco farmers in Kentucky and Tennessee, forecasts for a close-to-average yield are coming as a big relief after sweating through prospects of a paltry harvest as extreme heat and a dry spell stunted the crop’s growth for much of the season. Piles of recently cut Burley tobacco is sitting on the trailer on Thursday, August 9, 2012 on a farm near Finchville, Kentucky, for Burley tobacco in Kentucky and Tennessee, the average yield predicted a great relief. A few weeks ago, the crop was on the verge of dying from the heat and drought. Now, experts say, most of Burley tobacco has experienced a growth spurt, thanks to recent rains. (AP Photo / Bruce Schreiner) Tobacco has shown its strength after timely rains stimulated the late-season push for much of … Read entire article »

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Analysis and evaluation of Big Tobacco

In this article I look at the Phillip Morris, Altria, Lorillard and Reynolds American – Tobacco Manufacturers My analysis of these companies is concentrated in the next 3 – 9 months. As a rule, the farther you look into the future, the less accurate predictions. So, I keep my terms of predictions and forecasts for the next 3 – 9 months. From 9 months to about 2 years old, long-term investor. The tobacco companies sell inelastic product, which means that when prices rise, the revenue should increase. However, as price increases, tobacco products have become more elastic income, and people stopped spending as much on tobacco products. Therefore, as the price of tobacco products continues to grow due in part to inflation and partly because it taxes income from tobacco companies will … Read entire article »

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Missouri tax on cigarettes

Missouri’s November ballot will ask voters to decide whether to increase tobacco and cigarette taxes and whether to allow St. Louis to administer its police department instead of a state commission. The separate each petition received enough signatures to qualify for the fall election, the Secretary of State office said Tuesday. But elections officials signed two others – raising the minimum wage and wage restrictions and other short-term loans – fell short. Proponents of such measures said Tuesday that they plan to file a lawsuit to get the initiative before voters in November. Under the vote on the tobacco tax, a tax of Missouri for each pack of cigarettes will increase by 73 cents to additional funds managed by education and smoking prevention and cessation. Taxes on other tobacco products will also … Read entire article »

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Pakistan Tobacco Company

Pakistan Tobacco Company is a partner of the world’s leading groups, “British American Tobacco,” which has spread to the legacy of over more then 100 years. The BATC has offices in more than 180 countries around the world and is known for its high quality tobacco brands. British American Tobacco Company began its operations in Pakistan in 1947 and is the first multinational to put his foot in Pakistan. In 62 years it has grown from a company operating from a warehouse near the port of Karachi with two state of the art facilities employing more than 1,700 employees today. From culture to commercialization, the company is involved in all aspects of the production of cigarettes. PTC’s product portfolio is well diversified as it has various options to offer a wide range … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris is still smoking hot investment

Philip Morris through its subsidiaries manufactures and sells cigarettes and other tobacco products. The portfolio of international and local brands include Marlboro, Merit, Parliament cigarettess, Virginia Slims, L & M cigarette, Chesterfield cigaretes, Bond Street, Lark, Muratti, Next, Philip Morris, and red and white. The company was created after the spin-off of Altria international operations in 2008. The spin-off was organized to separate the regulation of international transactions and litigation risks in the United States. Philip Morris International was able to increase distribution in each year since the spin-offs. Quarterly distribution increased from 46 cents / share in 2008 to 77 cents per share in 2011. I expect low double-digit growth in the distribution over the next five – ten years. This will depend on high levels of brand name products companies … Read entire article »

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British American Tobacco, other stocks hit 52 week highs on Thursday

These reserves are set one-year highs: • During trading on above average volume, Comcast (CMCSA: 34.12, +0.57, +1.70%) rose today, surpassing the previous achievements and the 52-week high of $ 34. With a volume of 23.7 million, the share price improved by 1.7%. Over the past two months, stocks have shown some positive developments, the price raised $ 5.09 (17.5%) from the price of $ 29.03 on June 5, 2012. Shares traded at 8.3% above the 50-day moving average and 14% above its 200-day moving average. British American Tobacco is the producer of Lucky strike Cigarettes, Kent cigarettes and Dunhill cigarettes. • The sare prices of BAT (BTI: 108.14, 1.17, 1.09%) rose today, surpassing the previous achievements and the 52-week high of $ 107.87. The stock was trading at above average volume. Shares … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris International

It’s always interesting to compare the headlines earnings reports with the actual substance. While the top line and the essence of the figures, of course, important that the real figures of the company and management can often be very different from the original title to many traders and investors think. While the S & P 500 and the tracking ETFs, SPY, brought together more than 20% from the lows of last year, and stocks such as Apple (AAPL) are more than 30%, a number of actions performed better over the last few months, than the dividend shares. One of the most popular stock dividends was Philip Morris International, producer of Chesterfield cigarettes and Parliament cigarettes. As I wrote in a recent article, a few weeks ago, Philip Morris International had been incorrectly regarded … Read entire article »

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Reynolds developing new smokeless products

Reynolds American Inc. has touted for years its desire to be the tobacco industry’s trailblazer for innovative mainstream smokeless products. Values – and priority – Reynolds places in this role were evident again, as the company released second-quarter earnings report on Tuesday. Daniel Delen, provided limited details, citing competitive reasons, he says Reynolds is preparing for the next six months to cut the road into several categories, including a couple of (probably e-cigarettes), nicotine replacement therapy and nicotine products, such as an extract pills. Reynolds is also preparing to launch a new style heated cigarette like Eclipse, which it introduced in 1996 and still sells on-demand retail and wholesale trade. According to Pat Shehan, the owner of the tobacco Tarheeler retail chain stores, Reynolds introduces a limited “market lead” branded electronic … Read entire article »

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