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Philip Morris: Nothing can stop this Industry Leader

We were pleased to receive a positive response on our previous reports of Philip Morris International. We had a long position in Philip Morris International from March 31, 1999, when was part of the Philip Morris Company, and we were pleased with the results of the company and its spin-offs at this time. We believe that Philip Morris International is an excellent investment because it is one of those rare breed of companies that offer above-average dividend yield of 3.5% and is a champion of the growth in dividends. We decided to reconsider its recent Q2 2012 earnings report. PM before the challenging macroeconomic headwinds, as well as complex compared to the year-ago quarter due to a one-time increase in the Asian supply due to tobacco in Japan (JAPAF.PK) struggles as … Read entire article »

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Good times roll for tobacco farmers

The season ended on tobacco products last week, agricultural experts and farmers calling it a success, as the recovery of gold leaf production continues. Manufacture of tobacco products dipped after the chaotic land reform program to 48 million kg in 2008 from the peak of 236 million kg in 2000. Recovery of tobacco products began in 2009. Although some tobacco farmers have complained about the relatively low prices, most of them were happy with the price and in an organized manner in which culture has been sold, in contrast to previous years. The farmers attributed the success of this year’s success to the assistance they received from contractors and local financial institutions. In an interview with The Standard at Boka Auction Floors last week, Macheke farmer, Douglas Chingara said he would be able to … Read entire article »

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Premium brands increase Imperial Tobacco

Smokers reduce their habit slowed the volume of cigarettes and cut tobacco free – a measure known as the “stick equivalents” – 3 per cent for the nine months to 30 June of the year on year, slowing from 4.1 per cent decline reported in the first half. High-quality global journalism requires an investment. Please share this article with others by using the link below, do not cut and paste the article. See our Ts & Cs and copyright policy in more detail However, the fourth-largest cigarette company’s market share has increased revenues by 3 percent each year through its coverage of premium brands such as Davidoff and West, in the direction of rich smokers. Bristol-the company said Tuesday that sales of what he calls the four “key strategic brands” – including Gauloises … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris

I try to be described as a conservative buy and hold investors. I like solid companies that have a justifiable market share, strong barriers, as well as a proven history of profits. Tobacco meets these requirements perfectly, with the added benefit of selling addictive products. Finally, many investors prefer to avoid such a “sin” stocks, allowing yields to remain high. In 2008, Philip Morris International was spun off from Altria (MO), which was known as the most profitable stocks in U.S. history. Altria now does business in the U.S, and the prime at the international level. PM of the global tobacco industry has the highest market capitalization compared to its competitors, British American Tobacco (BTI), Imperial Tobacco Group and Lorillard, producer of Kent cigarettes. Over the last year, Philip Morris has returned … Read entire article »

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Altria- Malboro maker

Marlboro maker Altria Group Inc. said Tuesday that its net profit nearly tripled in the second quarter, as higher prices helped offset a flat amount of cigarettes compared to last year when its results were suppressed by a large charge. Marlboro maker Altria Group Inc. said Tuesday that its net profit nearly tripled in the second quarter, as higher prices helped offset a flat amount of cigarettes compared to last year when its results were suppressed by a large charge. The owner of the largest cigarette manufacturing country, Philip Morris USA, the net profit of $ 1.23 billion, or 60 cents per share, for the three months ended June 30, compared with $ 444 million, or 21 cents a share, a year earlier when the company also recorded expenses related to … Read entire article »

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Diamond companies creating tobacco-free

Tobacco use is faced with a variety of health risks is a known fact. Nevertheless, it can make a relationship vulnerable to job loss, as in Surat, where several major companies, Diamond began firing employees who smoke or chew tobacco. Jagdish Patel (name changed), a skilled worker to work with Sri Ramkrishna diamond exports, leading Sightholders Diamond Trading (DTC) has been dismissed in recent years. He was a competent employee, but still lost his job because he was not able to put an end to his bad habit of chewing “Mawa (betel nut, tobacco and lime). Govind Dholakiya, Chairman of Sri Ramkrishna Export, says, “People are not addicted to smoking or chewing pan or tobacco gutkha perform their duties more effectively than those who are addicted. We have received many letters from … Read entire article »

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Gain an overview of Philip Morris

Before the opening bell today, Philip Morris International (PM) released operating results for the second quarter of fiscal 2012. Former international arm Altria (MO), reported that revenue fell to $ 8.12 billion from $ 8.27 billion compared to last year, and decline to compensate for higher prices. Street had expected revenue of $ 8.0 billion, while my forecasts called for revenue of $ 7.97 billion. On the bottom row, Prime Minister said that revenue fell slightly to $ 2.31 billion $ 2.40 billion for the year. However, due to the nearly $ 6 billion in share repurchases made during the past year, earnings per share improved to $ 1.36 per share to $ 1.35 per share. And the streets and I was expecting earnings of $ 1.35 per share.  Philip … Read entire article »

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In China, many doctors, nurses smoke

Most of the Chinese health workers are smokers, some smoke regularly before the patient, and a leading expert on health, said at a recent tobacco-related forum. Being under the guidance of experts say that such practices in medicine are incompatible send a message to the public about the dangers of smoking. China ranks first in the world in the proportion of smokers among male health workers, who account for 40%, tobacco expert Wang Chen said on Monday. He added that many health care workers have a low level of awareness of the harmful effects and dependence of tobacco use, in addition to the existing tobacco prevention programs. “Health care providers should set a good example for the public, as a non-smoker, to promote a healthy way,” “But many are not able to do it.” … Read entire article »

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Tobacco sting land retailers in the fight

Sting in the western Bay of Many cigarette retailers scored shop selling tobacco products to minors face. The retailer is under investigation after Toi Te Ora operation, which involved non-smoking law enforcement visits to 28 retail chains in Tauranga and Rotorua in the last three weeks. Volunteer minors were used to verify the retailers to see if they sell tobacco products to minors. Clients must be at least 18 years of age to buy tobacco, and must provide proof of their age if requested. A spokesman for Toi Te Ora to the said date of the operation can not be made until the publication of today’s newspaper. Details of tobacco products sold and the ages and genders of volunteers are also minors were not released. Medical Officer, Dr Neil de Wet said the dealer who … Read entire article »

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Chinese smokers make tobacco companies do feel good

The recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO), have shown that smoking is a cause of death for more than 6 million people annually. While the proportion of smokers in developed countries has been reduced, the growth of the tobacco industry is ensured by a huge number of smokers in Asia and especially in China. WHO accuses Chinese authorities for the failure of global anti-tobacco campaign? According to the Chinese healthcare ministry, one million people die in China from diseases caused by smoking each year. The total number of smokers in China is 350 million, almost twice the number of population of Russia, and three times more than the population of Mexico. China is also the world leader in the number of passive smokers, whose number exceeds 700 million. Anti-tobacco campaign … Read entire article »

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Seized tobacco assets looked at the expansion of PAL

The fate of nearly $ 1 million offer to move to the Tupelo Police Athletic League in the old hall of the Salvation Army to rest in the hands of the federal government. Tupelo Mayor Jack Reed Jr. said he hopes to finance the project with funds seized by FBI agents in cigarette smuggling sting two years ago. Cities eligible for the money, because his participation in the ongoing investigation, which covered a number of states, including Mississippi. In addition to cash, Tupelo is expected to be a vast warehouse at 120 N. Front Street that the criminals used to store contraband cigarettes. The city wants to turn the property into their new headquarters of the police and use the money it receives from the bite of the project. Another part of the … Read entire article »

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Big Tobacco of Gary Bettman

A big problem is brewing at his watch Gary Bettman: how to deal with the apparent surge in brain injuries in hockey players. The owners hired him in February 1993 with an agenda that included two goals: first, to promote the “product” of hockey to a wider audience, and, secondly, the impact of changes in the violent image of the game. Under his leadership, the NHL has gone from $ 400 million of business a $ 3.3 billion. Bettman met the first goal … partly because he did not fulfill the second. Failing to meet that second goal has had consequences. A product that it sells, being permissively violent one, loses many of its players in the central nervous system-related injuries, which seem to be a direct result of this violence. Lishenny … Read entire article »

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