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Big Tobacco lights its anti-tax effort in California

Tobacco is different. In the coming weeks, Californians once again witness the terrible power of the industry. Cigarette manufacturers Altria and RJ Reynolds will spend tens of millions of dollars, why the proposal 29, the last attempt to fight against smokers, raising taxes on tobacco products, it is a terrible idea. In the television spot announcements, shills will explain how $ 735 million to be raised at least annually to be spent on the establishment and operation of a bloated bureaucracy. Industry is likely to succeed. It usually does. Usually, I agree with the arguments against the initiative. Proposition 29 on June 5 ballot has its own problems. But my decision is easy at any time I have to choose between tobacco companies and cancer researchers, physicians who treat cancer and health experts … Read entire article »

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Select International Tobacco Equity for income-oriented portfolios

If you can pass any social or moral issues, “sin” stocks are used as components of income-oriented strategy for investment. Tobacco companies and international, in particular, are the main “sin” stocks. There are a number of local national tobacco companies around the world, but only four working outside the U.S. that are available to U.S. investors, and for most investors on the issue. They are Philip Morris International (PM), British American Tobacco (BTI), Imperial Tobacco (ITYBY.PK) and Japan Tobacco (JAPAF.PK). We owned the PM in the past – not right now, but may again at some point. There are several attractive features with other companies. “Sin” Stocks: We like the “sin” stocks, as they are often called, in particular, in difficult economic times. People savor their cigarettes and beer when times are tough. Cigarettes are … Read entire article »

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Shares of Altria Group (NYSE: MO) hit a 52-week high today. Let’s look at how the company got here and make sure the sky is clear in the forecast. How he got here Altria has been slowly inching towards a new high thanks largely to cost-cutting measures the company last year and steadily increasing dividends. Altria has found rough sledding lately, with its premium brand of tobacco, Marlboro, slowly bleeding market share of discount cigarette brands from competitors Lorillard (NYSE: LO), and Vector Group (NYSE: VGR). In response to weakening demand for cigarettes, the company announced plans last year to fire 15% of its employees to cut costs. But keep in mind that Altria is not charity, and in spite of stagnant sales, has remained profitable and healthy more than able to pay … Read entire article »

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Mike Wallace in connection with Richmond, and Big Tobacco

Among many accomplishments, Mike Wallace, a journalist was his crusade against tobacco is big, and that he believed their leaders lie about the safety of its products. But long before Wallace went for the big tobacco, he sold it. He was very effective pitchman in parliament and cigarettes Philip Morris. There can be no doubt that the gravel-voiced Mike Wallace did a lot of money for the Richmond, Philip Morris and the workers who made cigarettes he smoked, and pitched in his first big show news. “So I’m more convinced than ever,” Wallace said in a typical ad at the beginning of 1950, “Mike Wallace Interview”, “Philip Morris, which today is something special … It is natural, gentle, genuine humility ..”. There may also be no doubt that tobacco executives seen millions go up … Read entire article »

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Group rejects $ 79.2 million award in the tobacco lawsuit

The Court of Appeal rejected a challenge of the jury Monday of North Florida for RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company to pay $ 79.2 million to the daughter of a deceased smoker, overturning, which would be the largest verdict in a flurry of lawsuits against cigarette manufacturers. The Court 1st District Appeals remanded the case to the Levy County District Court to determine the reduction in the amount of loss in 1996 of lung cancer death of James Horner’s Casey. Three judges, however, ruled against RJ Reynolds and other issues that could have shielded him from liability. The fact is, one thousand, arising out of Florida in the 2006 Supreme Court decision that established the critical conclusions about the health hazards of smoking in the past distorted by the tobacco industry. Horner started smoking … Read entire article »

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The Tobacco Lobby Strikes Back

Those who watched the Hollywood movie The Insider got to look at the cloak and dagger world of dealing with Big Tobacco, as an industry sadly referred to in the health community. The film, starring Russell Crowe, is an adaptation of television news expose on CBS 60 Minutes programmed on the dirty secrets of the tobacco industry. It revolves around the testimony of a scientist in the tobacco company, showing that nicotine is addictive. And to cut a long story short, the events lead up to the unprecedented $246 billion settlement the industry makes with Mississippi and some other states. But it was the story of the 1990s, full of tricks. Today the gloves are off, and Big Tobacco, “was how her face changed, and their tactics,” said WHO Director-General Dr … Read entire article »

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Tobacco use

St. Olaf may be a dry campus, but it is certainly not without tobacco. It is not uncommon to get out of Buntrock Commons and hit a few students smoke on others, or benches near the door. This occurs outside the entrance to the hostel as well, and this phenomenon is not limited to cigarettes. Students also use pipes, hookahs and cigars. The fact that some students on campus smoke does not mean that St. Olaf is experiencing an epidemic of tobacco dependence. However, the consumption of tobacco on campus, the students gave Miriam Brown ’12 and Juliet ’14 ridicule is enough to present a documentary film entitled “Tobacco: Un-filtered truth” in the theater of the Vikings on Tuesday, March 27. By doing so, they tried to teach students about the … Read entire article »

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Comprehensive Tobacco Control

Health Minister, Hon. Dr. Fenton Ferguson has said that the ministry is finalizing the preparation for approval by the Cabinet seeks to develop a tobacco control law, which provides broad protection from unwanted exposure to tobacco. “Tobacco use remains the leading cause of cancer, heart disease and many other diseases can be avoided, and we intend to reduce tobacco use in public places, as a method of reducing these conditions,” Dr. Ferguson said. He spoke to the participants of the seminar on “Staff Wellness, a source for competitive advantage: management in the health of current and future workforce” at the 18th International Diabetes Conference, held at Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort in Ocho Rios, on March 30. Dr. Ferguson said that “the effect of smoking, especially in the public space has a huge impact … Read entire article »

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FDA-regulation of tobacco releases draft guidelines

Food and Drug Administration on Friday released a draft recommendation, which will eventually provide the public previously unknown information about the chemicals in tobacco products and to prevent misleading marketing about the risks associated with tobacco products, the agency said. This document provides guidance on how the company will comply with requirements to report on the number of potentially dangerous chemicals in tobacco products. “[Today] actions represent important steps forward in providing Americans the facts about the dangers of tobacco use and to stop children from smoking,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said. “We will continue to do everything we can to help smokers quit and prevent Children from the beginning of this deadly addiction.” Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act require tobacco manufacturers and importers must report the … Read entire article »

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British American Tobacco profit by 50%

British American Tobacco Uganda (BATU) after the publication of Ushs223bn ($ 87.9m) in 2011 will pay the highest dividends to shareholders, as it is listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange. BATU will pay Shs141 ($ 0,05) an interim dividend in the upper part of the proposed dividend UShs309 ($ 0.12), resulting in a total of Shs450 ($ 0.177) per share. This is a 97% increase in dividends to shareholders compared to UShs228 ($ 0,08) per share last year. At the announcement of these results, BATU traded for at least 1430 shares at Shs2, 095 per share represents a turnover of Shs2.9m ($ 1,143) between March 26 and twenty-ninth in 2012. The counter will remain bright as the shareholders may look to unload, but may not be able to meet demand according to … Read entire article »

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Farmer tobacco basket

Yadkin County was once home to as many as six factories that have made thousands of baskets and sent them in any part of the country, where people were growing and marketing tobacco. By modern standards, the factories were small, but every subject of a dozen or so local residents and additional funds for farmers to gather wood and cut it to “split” in the winter. Those plants were baskets of tens of thousands a year, selling them to the warehouse to replace the basket, wore out. “The construction of these things was a work of art,” said Andrew McKee, a Yadkin County historian. “The local residents have provided timber. They will use the froe -. a cutting tool – to reduce the bandwidth of the forest in the factory, they would help … Read entire article »

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