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World Tobacco Atlas rings alarm bells for India

The Planning Commission says that revenue collected from tobacco products annually in India is $ 1.62 billion (largely coming from taxation of cigarettes), while the annual direct health cost of three tobacco-related diseases (cancer, coronary artery diseases and chronic obstructive lung diseases) is $ 6.32 billion. World tobacco production peaked in 1997 at over 9 million tonnes, and has since declined by almost a quarter to 7.1 million tonnes in 2009. Worryingly, 20,000 hectares of forests across the globe annually are being cleared to cure tobacco. In 2009, six of the 10 tobacco producing countries, including India, had undernourishment rates between 5% and 27%. Hriday, a Delhi-based NGO, says growing tobacco impacts the environment negatively. It says India is the third largest producer of tobacco in the world, having 436,000 hectares under cultivation. Andhra … Read entire article »

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Australian Property Law Sterilizes cigarettes, BAT said

Australian law prohibiting the display of tobacco company logos, labels and trademarks, sterilizes their intellectual property rights and should be declared unconstitutional, British American Tobacco Plc (bats), he said. “The Commonwealth has assumed control over a significant aspect of the plaintiff’s property, business, goodwill and reputation,” British American Tobacco, said March 26 filing with the High Court of Australia. BAT, Philip Morris International, Inc (PM) (PM) and Imperial Tobacco Group Plc (IMT) challenge the actions of Australian law and present their case against him began in Canberra on April 17. Australia became the first country in the world to ban logos on cigarette packages with the law will come into force in December. The Australian Constitution, like its American counterpart, was drawn up recognizing the right of the state to acquire … Read entire article »

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NYACS helps block the state hiking taxes on tobacco

The New York Association of convenience stores (NYACS) announced yesterday that she was able to stop the New York State from further tax increases on tobacco, and thus “in pursuit of more customers,” a member of the NYACS retailers. The new state budget for 2012-13 that will be taken this week, Governor Cuomo and the legislature agreed to remove the tax changes on cigars and tobacco are freely offered to the governor two months ago. NYACS fought these tax increases, arguing that when tobacco taxes rise in New York, head of tobacco consumers in the coming Indian Reservation, at the border or a bootlegger, not to pay a high tax – the cost of business and stores the value of the state income tax. Governor Cuomo’s proposed tax cigars at 50% off the … Read entire article »

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Tobacco products is specified in order to improve

Income paid by the Government of Morogoro-based Alliance One Tobacco Tanzania Limited (AOTTL) will increase from 1.7 billion / – last year to 1.9 billion / – This year, thanks to improved production and higher world commodity prices. Managing Director Mark Mason and Chief Financial Officer, William Fernandez, said the company, which is currently engaged in the export market, plans to increase its revenues significantly in the current fiscal year. “Last year we paid 1.7 billion / – in income, but we are willing to pay 1.9 / – By the end of the current fiscal year,” Mr. Fernandez said during a press conference in Dar es Salaam over the weekend . He said local production of tobacco increased last year, thanks to good weather, hard-working farmers and the availability of … Read entire article »

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State could get unexpected $46 million from tobacco tax

An unexpected payoff for state government comes with the Affordable Care Act – about $46 million a year in tobacco tax money with no home. Known as “Obamacare” to its opponents, the federal health care law is designed to make sure nearly all Americans have health insurance, either through Medicare, Medicaid, employer-sponsored plans or individual plans purchased with government subsidies. Assuming it survives a U.S. Supreme Court challenge that is set for oral arguments this week and the national elections of November, the law takes full effect Jan. 1, 2014. That’s the day the law says just about everyone should have health insurance and the day that a big part of Oklahoma’s tobacco tax becomes homeless. When state voters approved a net 55-cent-per-pack increase in the cigarette tax in 2008, they dedicated … Read entire article »

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Cigarettes continue to perform

NEW YORK, March 23, 2012 (Marketwire via COMTEX) – has selected a team of market professionals with more than 100 years of combined investment experience. Today, they offer members comprehensive research on industry Cigarettes and offer free analyzes in the Altria Group Inc. MO 0.03%, and Philip Morris International, Inc PM 0,84%. Register with us today have free access to these research reports. Although the regulations continue to tighten and growth in established markets has stalled somewhat, tobacco companies like Altria Group Inc. and Philip Morris International, Inc to generate income. Emerging markets now offer more opportunities for growth, although in many developed countries are growing their attention on smokeless tobacco products that are gaining popularity. Get your free reports on Altria Group Inc. and Philip Morris International, Inc … Read entire article »

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Tobacco plants transformed into living vaccine factories

Tobacco use is the cause of nearly half a million deaths in the U.S. every year, but tobacco could find redemption, as the savior of public health. This is because the launch of the U.S. biotechnology tobacco plants is transformed into living factories for the production of new vaccines and treatments. “SwiftVax” tobacco plants are designed as quick, low-cost biological factories for the production of a large number of bioengineered proteins required for human or animal vaccines. Faster vaccine production could allow the world to quickly respond to future outbreaks of infectious diseases – problems it faced during the race in the stock of vaccines during a pandemic of H1N1 swine. “Thousands of lives and millions of dollars were lost because of modern technology for the production was not able to provide … Read entire article »

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Manufacturers demand higher prices for tobacco products

Frustrated growers warn of staging a protest at the office of Pakistan Tobacco Board (PTB) in Peshawar, the cost of the tobacco production was not increased and no changes were made to the existing PTB. In an interview with the news, they said they were tired of the current exploitation by multinational companies, as well as the policies of PTB that are not true representations. “We’ve been highlighting our problems for a long time, but no step was taken to address them,” said Zahoor Kaka, tobacco manufacturer. The manufacturer requested the Government to take practical steps to solve their problems or they will not be able to continue to grow tobacco. Farmers adopted a statement that the government receives billions of rupees revenue from tobacco products, but he left them dependent on … Read entire article »

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Tobacco companies spend about $ 15 million against tax proposals – so far

Proposed $ 1 per pack increase in state taxes on cigarettes has caused the largest tobacco companies in the country, four of its affiliated companies and others to lose $ 14,765,383 in the campaign to defeat the measure. Supporters of Proposition 29, by contrast, spent $ 3,752,217, or about one quarter more, according to the nonpartisan reported Thursday MapLight, a research organization that reports the influence of money on politics. Altria and Reynolds American Inc, Santa Fe Natural plus Reynolds Tobacco Company and the American Snuff Company, and Altria in the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. and John Middleton are the heavyweights in the fight against the parties. They are joined by Prometheus International, Inc, Santa Barbara, cigars and tobacco, and tinder Box Costa Mesa. Supporting measures are the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which, with … Read entire article »

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Interesting debate on the tobacco industry

This is certainly an interesting time for the tobacco industry. I must say that while I have my doubts about the product, I admire the industry. Legal business of tobacco, in my humble opinion, is the most important stakeholder in making sure that sanity in the industry. This is something that most tobacco companies around the world say: They are designed to regulate. However, the regulation must be balanced and the protection of the legitimate industry in comparison with the solution of problems in the area of trafficking. I totally agree with this position. Valid argument against the industry: a contribution to the highest most preventable diseases around the world. My take on it: The only way to really solve the problem of smoking and its effects on health is to look … Read entire article »

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Big Tobacco-fed’s lawyer argues

When Alcan Aluminium Ltd has become one of the first companies to initiate a workplace ban on smoking in 1980, Imperial Tobacco launched a campaign to convince producers to lift the ban, according to the evidence before the class-action lawsuit against three major Canadian tobacco companies. The campaign was led by the president and chairman of Imperial Tobacco, Paul Paray, who wrote a letter to the president of Alcan to express their disapproval of the ban, complaining that he was not informed about this, believing that it could have a negative impact on relations between the two companies. “I just register my disappointment to see him on the spot, and my difficulty reconciling it with our long-standing corporate relationships,” he wrote. At that time, Alcan supplied the Emperor with the aluminum packaging. Imperial forces … Read entire article »

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New York, Sue A. “roll your own” business of cigarettes

Office of the Attorney General and New York, jointly filed a federal lawsuit against the Corner of BB, located at 8415 eighteenth Brooklyn, and Nitecap Entertainment, at 690 Bay Street. in Staten Island, and businesses that evade taxes on cigarettes, giving customers a free tobacco, cigarette papers and tubes of access to machines that instantly produces a finished cigarette on the ground yet. These “roll your own” business to sell cigarettes in violation of tax and other regulatory statutes applicable to cigarettes, claiming that they do not sell cigarettes, but only to facilitate the assembly of clients from cigarettes. The state and the suit against the city’s Corner BB and Nitecap, filed in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, charges that these companies, along with their owners … Read entire article »

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