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Tobacco growers fear trade deal will harm exports

Southern tobacco farmers fear that they could lose a significant portion of their export business if health advocates win a battle to carve tobacco out of a major trade agreement that’s being negotiated with eight countries on the Pacific Rim. The American Medical Association and several other health groups insist that the Obama administration put public health priorities ahead of commercial interests. But with the majority of their crop now being sold overseas, tobacco growers in North Carolina, Kentucky and across the Southeast see that pressure as an effort to eliminate their ability to make a living on a commodity that’s sold legally in the United States and around the world. President Barack Obama hopes that the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement will help double exports eventually. The United States does more than $200 … Read entire article »

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Roll-your own cigarette tax measure clears Senate

Roll your own is one way smokers can reduce the cost of the package.  That could change, however. Senate bill, which is consistent with a single vote Monday intended to treat a roll your own cigarette products, and their saddles with a standard 55-percent excise tax per pack. “I spend a lot of time here and try not to be hypocritical,” Senator Orphy Klempa, D-Ohio, told reporters after casting a lone vote opposing the bill cigarettes. “I have always voted against the” sin taxes “- taxes on cigarettes and beer, taxes and all other taxes. I’m not going to change their philosophy on the subject. ” Klempa said he has always sought to avoid a vote in the hypocritical fashion and remain steadfast in their beliefs. “Unfortunately, too many people in politics, hypocritical, and I do … Read entire article »

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Proposes hike in tobacco taxes

State legislators want to use taxes to curb smoking among young people and get out of debt. Republican lawmakers want to double the taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products that could burn a hole in the wallets of smokers. At present tax on cigarettes $ 1.23 pack. However, the proposed increase will be more than twice that $ 2.52 per pack. Rep. Mike Benson, R-Rochester, said he proposed House version of the bill, in order to reduce the number of teenage smokers. According to the American Cancer Society, smoking rates among young people will decrease by 6.5 percent for every 10 percent increase in the price of a pack of cigarettes. Supporters of the bill say the increase will bring in $ 320 million over two years, which will allow the state to return … Read entire article »

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Consumers switch between tobacco types

Altria details of the transition-to-use, called for the sale of Marlboro Black  Altria Group Inc., sees the smokers to switch between multiple forms of tobacco often, vice-chairman Dave Beran said while participating in a group of consumer analyst at New York (CAGNY) conference, reports Reuters. Smokers today are more open to trying different types of tobacco smokers than in previous generations, and Altria is working on new products to entice consumers who want to change from cigarettes, Beran told analysts and investors at a conference held in Boca Raton, Florida , this week. Altria, whose other products include Skoal and Copenhagen smokeless tobacco, and black and mild cigars, there is a shift in the use of tobacco in the United States. While the number of smokers, both cigarettes and cigars remained relatively flat, … Read entire article »

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The smoking ban moves to full Senate

For the first time, the full Indiana Senate will discuss the proposed state smoking ban that would prohibit cigarettes in most workplaces and public spaces. Senate Committee on Government Policy on Wednesday voted in favor of the 2.8 state ban. House passed the legislation in the previous five years, only to see it quickly die in the Senate committee. The difference this session, the chairman said Ron Alting, R-Lafayette, is the house stands, finally found the right number of exemptions. Among these gaming facilities, cigar / hookah bars, tobacco retail stores, nonprofit private clubs and fraternal organizations. Bars have 18 months to comply with the ban. Indiana does not disturb the ground. Twenty-nine states have a total ban on smoking, including 22 bars. But do not hang up no-smoking signs yet. “I expect a huge … Read entire article »

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Philip Morris Names Threats to Cigarette Market

Philip Morris International Tobacco Company are more concerned with the influence on the sale of tobacco products in recent acceptance of Russia into the WTO, what about the harm to the company need to put it on packs of cigarettes and about anti-smoking campaign.  Philip Morris Izhora, one of the two companies in full cigarette factories in Russia, reducing production by 2 percent last year – up to 70 billion cigarettes a year – at the same time can increase its market share by 0.8 percent to 26.2 percent. “The number of cigarettes produced in plants will not grow in the near future; it drops all over the world,” said Alex Kim, Director of Corporate Affairs of Philip Morris International subsidiaries in Russia and Belarus. “Russia has the second-largest tobacco market in the … Read entire article »

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Tobacco fight is just beginning

Millions of dollars are “going up in smoke” and its officials, the government put out the problem, says a spokesperson for the national group fighting contraband cigarettes. Gary Grant of the National Coalition of Anti-Smuggling of tobacco made a brief stop in Belleville, to discuss the ongoing problem of illegal sale of tobacco products. The stop was one of the few in Ontario by what Grant called “contraband trail” – the community, which is considered a matter of serious concern. “During the last election campaign – a federal campaign – the Conservatives have promised if they were re-elected, they bring in tougher laws against the smuggling of tobacco smugglers,” said Grant. “They also said they would dedicate 50 additional RCMP officers and dedicate them to the execution of contraband tobacco. “We ask them … Read entire article »

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The trend of smoking among young people prompts action by city

Beijing will prepare a new city rules for strengthening compliance with the existing ban on smoking at the time, when new statistics show a high tendency among adolescents to try tobacco. Health experts say that the current ban on smoking in Beijing lacks teeth because of poor performance. “The ban on smoking in public places issued by the Ministry of Health in May, practice had no effect, because there is no specific penalties for people who smoke and violate the ban,” said Suo Chao, speaking on behalf of the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control, which recently conducted a Survey on smoking approximately 40,000 students throughout China. According to a survey the association, 15.8 per cent of pupils are regular smokers, while 22.5 percent would consider trying it. Teens from 12 to 14 are especially … Read entire article »

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Chewing tobacco can do your genes are going to throw

A new Indian study showed that the substances contained in spit tobacco not only cause cancer, but they also lead to genetic damage.  The degree of genetic damage or genotoxicity increases with duration of tobacco use, according to researchers from the Department of Human Genetics at the University of Bharathiar, Coimbatore. The results will be published in an upcoming issue of the scientific journal of toxicology and occupational health. The study was conducted in 85 men and women addicted to chewing tobacco in rural areas of Salem district. An equal number of tobacco-free is the healthy subjects in the study. A number of studies indicate a close relationship with the cancer risk of smokeless tobacco. It is a major risk factor for oral cancer and cancers of other organs such as lung, … Read entire article »

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The name of the American Tobacco

Wow, good thing investors in Lorillard (LO) did not listen to foreign experts and the public analyst hedge fund. Just when many analyst and hedge funds, was so quick to declare dividends to invest in U.S. stocks tobacco, but he died, the U.S. tobacco companies blowing profits and increase dividends by almost 20%. What is most interesting for me to report the income Lorillard that the release of numbers come the same way as many of them begin to turn away from the dividends of investment going into the New Year. Like most traders and investors, I have had good and bad calls, but one of my best calls to buy Lorillard in the mid-seventies, in my first article published by Seeking Alpha. The reasons I gave for the purchase of … Read entire article »

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Big Tobacco prepares for packaging switch

Australia has one of the lowest smoking rates in the world, at less than one in five people, but it will still be the key battleground for the tobacco industry in 2012. From the start of December, under the world’s toughest anti smoking laws, tobacco companies will have to sell their products in identical drab packaging, without logos but featuring graphic images of smoking-related diseases. Brand names can still appear but in a standard font on the front of every packet. High quality global journalism requires investment. Please share this article with others using the link below, do not cut & paste the article. See our Ts&Cs and Copyright Policy for more detail. Big Tobacco has launched an aggressive fight back against the plain packaging law. The curbs on Australia’s $9.5bn-a-year smoking market … Read entire article »

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About Marlboro

Marlboro maker Altria Group Inc. said Friday that its fourth-quarter profit fell about 9% of the lease, legal and restructuring costs, even as higher prices and profits from its smokeless tobacco products have helped to strengthen their sales. The owner of the country’s largest cigarette manufacturer, Philip Morris USA, also announced that CEO Michael E. Szymanczyk will retire in May after the annual shareholders’ meeting. Altria Board of Martin J. Barrington chose to replace him as CEO and chairman, and David R. Beran will serve as president and chief operating officer. The company also revealed that it has entered into an agreement with a subsidiary Fertin Pharma A / S for the development of non-combustible nicotine-containing products. Several other tobacco companies have announced similar initiatives in order to find alternatives to cigarettes, … Read entire article »

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