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Tobacco sales tax

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposal to raise taxes on tobacco products is causing a lot of huffing and puffing among local sellers. O’Malley’s proposed $35.9 billion budget for fiscal 2013 would raise the 15 percent excise tax on cigars, smokeless tobacco and other no cigarette tobacco items to 70 percent. The proposed tax increase would raise the price of a $1.49 cigar to about $2.20. Budget analysts project the increase will bring the state an extra $20 million next year, according to published reports. The governor’s proposal isn’t sitting well with local retailers. New taxes on tobacco products will attract more people to neighboring countries for their supplies, said Bob Burgess, owner of JBK Associates in Mount Airy. “Many of my customers go next door (in Virginia and West Virginia), and I tell them I do … Read entire article »

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Tobacco giant

A tobacco giant behind three of the UK’s leading brands is under investigation after millions of its cigarettes were shipped to a firm linked to a billionaire accused of playing a key part in suppressing the popular uprising in Syria. The development has revived concerns about the ability of “big tobacco” to police its distribution networks – third party agents who move its product around the world. Japan Tobacco International (JTI), which owns the Silk Cut, Mayfair and Benson & Hedges brands, faces questions over its relationship with a firm associated with Rami Makhlouf, who is subject to European Union and US sanctions. Documents obtained by the Observer show that on 27 May 2011, JTI’s Middle Eastern distributor, IBCS Trading, dispatched 90 million cigarettes to Syria Duty Free Shops (SDF) Ltd. Makhlouf, a cousin … Read entire article »

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Federal judge won’t delay decision

A federal judge on Thursday said she won’t delay an order in a 12-year-old lawsuit against the tobacco industry while other courts decide newer cases challenging tobacco marketing restrictions and graphic cigarette warning labels. U.S. District Judge Gladys Kessler in Washington issued a decision in a case in which America’s largest cigarette manufacturers – including Philip Morris USA, a manufacturer of top-selling cigarettes Marlboro – were discovered hidden dangers of smoking for decades. Kessler said he wants industry to pay for advertising in electronic and print. She did not say that corrective statements must be included in those ads where they should be placed or for how long. This decision Kessler considers the delay. She asked the parties in November last year to enter from the fact that she put off her decision … Read entire article »

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State gets poor grades in tobacco control

When it comes to Tobacco Control 101, Montana earns a barely passing grade. Last week, the American Society of Light has released its State of Tobacco Control 2012 report, which gave letter grades to each state, evaluating the performance in four categories: no smoke without air, cigarette taxes and tobacco cessation and prevention. The group released a similar report each of the last 10 years. In general, the country is losing ground in the fight against tobacco. States do less to keep kids from smoking and the tobacco industry takes advantage of the apathy of the fight, the study said. Montana is one of the culprits of apathetic, according to the report, and the state legislature did not help matters during the 2011 session. One, “” table Montana was smoking air, thanks to Clean … Read entire article »

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Tobacco Control Leaders Travel To Albany

Tobacco use continues to inflict great damage on the New York State residents, especially the poor. That is the message that hundreds of tobacco control leaders representing all the county in the state, to bring to Albany on January 24, to train state lawmakers on proven programs, many funded by the state that are in place to help reduce the burden associated with tobacco and to save lives and dollars of the state fee. New legislators in New York State are invited to visit the Well of the Legislative Office Building, where the local representatives of the program will bring together supporters of the voluntary youth to answer questions, provide resources and give demonstrations of effective tobacco prevention programs are delivered throughout the state. “Tobacco control leaders live and work in the communities … Read entire article »

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Marlboro, to provide a “smoke ceremony”

Smokers rejoice. There is a new, healthier way to smoke, all thanks to the innovators at Altria (formerly known as Philip Morris). Marlboro has just released Smoke Rites, a new line of health conscious products for modern people with active lifestyles. The concept was born more than two years of intensive research in the laboratories of Marlboro. The head researcher Dr. Dylan Pantzenfahr explains: “The treatment of lung cancer is one of the main priorities of Marlborough. And while we can not change the nature of the [tobacco], we can change the way people smoke.” Pantzenfahr refers to the portion. To date, there are no standard servings for consumption of cigarettes. “It’s a complicated issue,” says Pantzenfahr, “a man with a massive light can consume a lot more cigarettes portion than, … Read entire article »

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Big Tobacco vs. Australia: Philip Morris scores an own goal

Professor of Law at Monash University, Mark Davison, investigates the Big Tobacco vs Australian Government saga. You may have missed it, but stoush between Big Tobacco and the Australian Government to plain packaging legislation took an odd turn at the end of last year. Government’s response to an attempt to Philip Morris in Asia to challenge the law under the bilateral investment treaty with Hong Kong, found that Philip Morris, may have acquired its Australian investments solely in order to take action. Just before Christmas, the Australian Government formally responded to the claims of Philip Morris Asia Ltd (PMA), Hong Kong company that plain packaging legislation for cigarettes violations of the agreement between the Hong Kong Government and the Australian Government for the Promotion and Protection of Investments (“BIT”).. In short, PMA owns … Read entire article »

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Virginia flunks

Maryland has taken steps forward in some areas, but fell short in other countries to protect children and prevent tobacco-related illnesses in 2011, according to the American Lung Association of State Tobacco Control 2012 report. Virginia scored F in each of the four categories measured at the time was one of the State of Delaware, only four states that have all passing grades. The annual report card lungs Association on Tobacco Control to monitor progress on key tobacco control policies at the federal and state levels and assigns grades to assess how law protects citizens from the burden of disease attributable to tobacco use. Maryland joins other states that did not meet its obligations on a “much needed” laws and policies that save lives and reduce tobacco-related disease, Lung Association said in … Read entire article »

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A place to vape

Olympia’s Volcano Vapor Café is open for business. Smoking has become mostly a private activity in Washington, yet a new business in Olympia gives cigarette aficionados a place to gather while they enjoy a nicotine fix. Place a pair of Vulcan cafe and enjoyed a cigarette while there are electric, filled with nicotine solution, which is converted into steam by heating element. Cafe Volcano couple opened on December 29, and celebrated the “grand opening” on January 1. “Until now the species has been vaping is a subculture,” says co-owner of Zakk Johnston. “It’s starting to go mainstream.” Johnston said that it was funny to see clients connect. “I had a guy in a three-piece suit comes in the immediate vicinity of the skate punk,” he says, “and they were talking about their tools.” Is this … Read entire article »

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Japan Tobacco

Smokers tend to more luxurious and relaxing smoking experience need look no further than the “The Peace”, an all-new, top of the line canned cigarette from Japan Tobacco. Sold by the number of selected Japanese retail at a price premium and packaged in a sleek metal cans, the world is the ultimate expression of the iconic brand was first introduced in 1946. Times were tough in postwar Japan, as well as smokers and cigarettes they smoke. One of the last was “The World” from Japan Tobacco; Cigarette boasts nearly three times the resin and more than twice as current smoker’s nicotine to JT. Over the past 66 years, the world is a brand built on the early adoption of war-weary smokers to become one of the most popular cigarette in the … Read entire article »

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British American Tobacco

The Nigerian subsidiary of British American Tobacco has almost a monopoly, commanding 80% of the market, but this position was not achieved without hard work and positive strategy for the health and economic development. Although British American Tobacco Nigeria (BATN) was registered as an organization of indigenous only 10 years ago in 2002, now we approach the centenary of the presence of the parent company BAT in Nigeria. So 2012 will be an occasion for double celebration of 14000 or more Nigerians are employed directly or indirectly, through the activities of BATN leaves growing to distribution. Because it just does not BATN cigarettes, although the production is a major part of their business. The Group operates 45 factories in 39 countries of cigarettes. Two of these plants in Nigeria: current status, ISO … Read entire article »

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Cigarette rules

The national government should make efforts to ensure compliance with existing rules and regulations before considering new measures of tax, as well as indexation of excise taxes on tobacco and alcohol, a deputy from La Union said. Although the Department of Finance would the proposed hike in fees for alcohol and tobacco to be approved by the middle of next year, La Union Representative Victor Ortega said the government had not properly implemented regulations on cigarettes. “What’s the point of making new laws, if we can not strictly enforce existing rules and regulations as the ban on cigarette sales to minors,” Ortega said. But the finance department explained that there is a need to raise tobacco and alcohol taxes, so that the industry is not controlled by a single company and to improve … Read entire article »

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