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Tobacco farmers appeal to board for securing remuneration

Tobacco farmers in East Godavari district, selling their produce at the Torredu auction floor near here, have appealed to the Tobacco Board to either secure remunerative prices on the auction floor or show them an exit route by paying them compensation so that they can go in for alternative crops. The farmers made the appeal at an interaction with the chairman of the Tobacco Board, Mr G. Kamalavardhana Rao, at the Torredu auction floor on Tuesday. They told the chairman that the Tobacco Board had earlier proposed to pay compensation of Rs 5 lakh a barn to enable the farmers switch over to alternative crops. Mr K. Satyanarayana, the president of the East Godavari District Tobacco Farmers’ Association, said the cost of tobacco cultivation has gone up steeply in recent times. Traders are … Read entire article »

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FDA to Appeal Order Barring Graphic Cigarette Pack Warnings

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it will appeal a judge’s order temporarily blocking rules requiring cigarette makers to put pictures of diseased lungs and other graphic images on packaging. President Barack Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act into law in June 2009, empowering the FDA to regulate the manufacture and sale of tobacco products. The cigarette makers asked U.S. District Judge Richard Leon in Washington to halt the rules, saying the requirement violates their free-speech rights. Leon on Nov. 7 found that Lorillard Inc., Reynolds American Inc.’s R.J. Reynolds and three other cigarette makers challenging the measure were likely to prevail on their claims that the “mandatory graphic images unconstitutionally compel speech” and would cause them irreparable harm if not blocked. The FDA, in a filing today, … Read entire article »

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Child tobacco sales fall

Illegal sales of tobacco to minors in Long Beach have decreased 79 percent since 2004, according to data from the city’s Department of Health and Human Services. Officials attributed the reduction to various actions, including enacting a permit program in 2008 for businesses selling tobacco, inspecting and educating retailers and police sting operations. City Environmental Health supervisor Jackie Hampton counted education as the most prominent of the reasons for the change. “I think it was also getting a little teeth in the law by requiring a permit,” Hampton said. “(Store operators) know they can lose their privilege to sell tobacco if they sell to minors.” First-time violators of the law can be issued a citation and charged a $100 fine. Second and third infractions result in a citation and a $200 or $500 fine, respectively. Long … Read entire article »

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Proposed ban in St. Charles County appears to be going up in smoke

The St. Charles County Council’s latest attempt to get the smoking ban issue before voters doesn’t appear to be any more successful than the first effort. District 3 County Councilwoman Nancy Matheny, who supported the council’s first effort to implement a smoking ban, said she won’t support the latest effort. However, Matheny said, “I really didn’t change my position” because the latest proposal calls for an all-inclusive ban, something the first proposal did not do. Matheny is a key vote on this issue. Without her support it is unlikely the council will approve the proposal. The council is scheduled to vote tonight on two bills that would present the issue to voters next November. The first bill calls for voters to decide whether smoking should be banned in all enclosed premises, with a … Read entire article »

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Native cigarettes are now a problem for Western provinces

Chief Frank Brown of the Canupawakpa Dakota Nation doesn’t smoke, but he swears by the Mohawk-manufactured cigarettes on sale at the Dakota Chundee Smoke Shack near Pipestone, Man. “We did our research and the provincial [name brand] cigarettes have a lot of chemicals in them,” he says. “We think our smokes don’t have the cancer that the province’s cigarettes do.” Whatever the supposed health claims put forth by Brown, the Manitoba government isn’t listening. In mid-November, officials seized 90,000 contraband cigarettes, which were not authorized for sale in the province. The next day, Dakota Chundee, which doesn’t sit on reserve land, was open again, crowded with non-Aboriginal buyers. The raid, and subsequent reopening of the smoke shack, is the latest in a growing frontier war between First Nations and western provincial governments. … Read entire article »

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Hoddle St killer Julian Knight wins right to challenge levy on smokes

HODDLE St mass killer Julian Knight has been given the right to light up a legal challenge to a levy placed on prisoners’ smokes by jail authorities. In the Supreme Court today Associate Justice Melissa Daly ruled that Knight’s case that the levy is illegal is not “hopeless” and he should be allowed to pursue his attempt to have it abolished, the Herald Sun reported. Prison authorities say the levy has been used to fund health and anti-smoking programs since 1993 but Knight, who spends $80-$90 a week on tobacco, says there is no authority in the Corrections Act to impose levies on goods sold to prisoners. “If there is at least a real argument that the Secretary (to the Department of Justice) and prison governors are acting beyond their lawful authority in … Read entire article »

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Smoking Gun in the Bernie Fine Affair: A Third Accuser and a Phone Call

I thought about naming this post “Weekend at Bernie’s: So Much Worse than the Original,” but it does not appear to be a laughing matter anymore. When ESPN broke the story about Bernie Fine, Associate Head Basketball Coach at Syracuse University, I hesitated to write about it. After obsessing over the Uncle Jerry travesty at Penn State for two weeks, the cynical part of me wondered whether Fine’s original accusers, Bobby Davis and Mike Lang, two former ball boys, were simply riding the coattails of publicity. Unlike the Sandusky saga, there was not a laundry list of accusers and eye witnesses; these were two adult men who allegedly had their accusations investigated and dismissed back in 2005. But now Bernie Fine has a third accuser. … Read entire article »

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Smoking ban in films: Is it uncalled for?

The latest notification issued by the government on smoking scenes in films and television programmes have left filmmakers fuming over the ‘absurd’ guidelines. CT takes a look at the debate, its genesis and what it means for showbusiness For a few years now, the government has been trying to introduce guidelines to ban smoking in films. Finally, in October, the government issued a notification, ordering all films, as well as TV programmes, to have health warnings at the beginning and in the middle of the film/show. The new guidelines, under the Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Rules, 2004, say that every new and old film (Indian and foreign), as well as TV programmes (new and old), must have the actors mouthing health warnings at the beginning of the film, and in … Read entire article »

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Up in smoke

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” said Clark Gable while smoking a cigar in the 1939 Hollywood classic Gone With The Wind. One can remember seeing many silver-screen icons smoking on screen but recently actors, whether it is Gandalf (played by Ian McKellen) smoking a pipe in Lord of the Rings or Audrey Hepburn’s famous pose holding a cigarette in Breakfast at Tiffanys, have been scrutinised for sending out a wrong message to their viewers. According to research published by the Thorax, a medical journal co-owned by the British Thoracic Society films that depict actors smoking should be handed an automatic 18 certificate. The report, produced by researchers from the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies, called for movies that feature smoking to attract a similar age classification to those … Read entire article »

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Use of courts to question tobacco laws ‘harassment’

The head of the World Health Organization has urged countries to stand together against tobacco companies that are trying to “harass” them into softening their anti-smoking stance, according to an Associated Press story. “Tobacco is the only industry that produces products to make huge profits and at the same time damage the health and kill their consumers,” WHO director-general, Margaret Chan, was quoted as telling officials at a public health meeting in Geneva. “How can we as an international community allow big tobacco to harass countries?” Chan said Australia, Uruguay, Norway and the US were among the countries targeted by the tobacco industry over measures to reduce smoking-related disease. … Read entire article »

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Canadian tobacco production buyout program flawed

A $284-million federal program to help Canadian farmers quit tobacco production had giant loopholes that allowed them to collect buyout money while still growing the crop, according to a story in the Times Colonist, relayed by Tobacco China Online and quoting the interim auditor general. “Design of the Tobacco Transition Program (TTP) was rushed, making its delivery challenging,” John Wiersema said. “This underscores the importance of sound program design, including considering what could go wrong, and how to prevent it.” The Canadian government launched the TTP in August 2008 as a one-time payment program aimed at allowing farmers to quit flue-cured production and ease into other crops or another line of work. But many farmers, without breaking the rules of the agreement, simply transferred their quota to relatives or acquaintances – anyone but their … Read entire article »

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E-cigs – A More healthy Alternative To Smoking cigarettes There is a brand new invention that every person who smokes really should learn about. It’s named the electronic cigarette, also recognized as a smokeless cigarette or electronic cigarette, and it really is changing the authorized landscape for cigarette people who smoke about the world. The patented E-cigarette delivers to successfully simulate the knowledge of cigarette smoking an real cigarette, with no any of your wellness or legal troubles surrounding conventional cigarettes. While E-cigarettes appear, feel and flavor considerably like standard cigarettes, they function really differently. You see, e-cigs do not in fact burn off any tobacco, but rather, whenever you inhale from an ecig, you activate a “flow censor” which releases a h2o vapor that contains nicotine, propylene glycol, as well as … Read entire article »

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