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Modesto cigarette store shooting leaves one injured

Modesto Police officers are looking for the person responsible for a robbery turned shooting at a discount cigarette shop, Monday evening. According to authorities, the shooting happened just after 9 p.m. at Wally’s Discount Cigarette on the 2400 block of Coffee Road in Modesto. The extent of the victim’s injuries are unclear at this time. Several officers are on scene gathering interviewing witnesses, trying to determine what led up to the incident. There is no suspect information at this time. … Read entire article »

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Kid Cudi Warned Over Cigarette At MTV VMAs

Kid Cudi is NOT Don Draper, so he doesn’t get to smoke wherever he wants — and he learned that lesson the hard way when he sparked up at the MTV VMAs last night. Honchos at the Nokia Theater at L.A. Live spotted the rapper puffing away as Lady Gaga went on stage to accept the award for Best Female Video — which is a problem because the place is a non-smoking venue. A rep for the building tells TMZ an usher was dispatched to speak with Cudi — where, “He was asked to put it out and he complied.” … Read entire article »

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Two charged after cigarette store burglary

A 28-year-old man and a juvenile male are both charged with felony burglary after Downers Grove police allegedly caught the two in the act of stealing cigarettes and cash from a Downers Grove cigarette store. Responding to an alarm activated at Tobacco Discounts, in the 2300 block of Ogden Ave., police stopped a blue Chevrolet Cavalier driven by the 28-year-old around 3 a.m. early Sunday morning, as the alleged thieves were looking to make a getaway from a nearby parking lot, police said on Monday. Police noticed clothing laying in the car, including a plastic Iron Man movie replica mask, believed to be used as disguises, police said.   Police say the front door of the business was shattered, causing an estimated $300 in … Read entire article »

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Arrest of cigarette smugglers exposes tears in security net

Limpopo police are investigating the smuggling of cigarettes at the Beit Bridge border post following the arrest of four men who were found in possession of illegal cigarettes with a street value of R600 000 on Sunday.Provincial police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Mohale Ramatseba said the cigarettes were suspected to have been smuggled from Zimbabwe and were destined for Gauteng. “We are currently investigating the smuggling at our Musina border post. It is not yet known how the suspects passed through in the presence of police, the SANDF, Sars and customs officials,” Ramatseba said yesterday. He said four men, aged between 34 and 44, were found in possession of 3 650 cartons of illegal cigarettes. He said they were arrested along the R37 road … Read entire article »

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Which is worse in pregnancy: snuff or cigarettes?

Babies born to snuff-using mothers were more likely to have breathing problems than those whose moms smoked cigarettes while pregnant, in new data from Sweden.Snuff — ground tobacco that is high in nicotine but doesn’t generate the same additional chemicals as cigarette smoke because it’s not burned — is generally assumed be safer than cigarettes, said the authors of the new study. That’s still the case for many people — but it’s not a good option for pregnant women, according to Dr. Anna Gunnerbeck, the lead researcher from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The smokeless tobacco “may have a little bit different effect than smoking, because smoking has the combustion products, but it’s still not safe during pregnancy,” Gunnerbeck told … Read entire article »

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Cigarettes truly require truth in advertising

It’s telling that big tobacco companies, which have joined in litigation to stop the use of graphic new labels on cigarette packs, have cited free speech grounds rather than suggesting that the images are misleading. By the end of September 2012, a new federal rule will require the display of a graphic image across the top half of every cigarette pack, offering visual proof to buyers of the health impact of smoking. The images are indeed blunt. They include, for example, a picture of a man blowing cigarette smoke through a tracheotomy tube, and another of the post-autopsy corpse of a man who died as a result of lung cancer. Rather than saying that the images falsely portray the results of smoking, … Read entire article »

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Australia first to ban tobacco logos

Australia is poised to become the first nation to require tobacco products to be sold in plain packages, and other countries will follow suit and crimp earnings of companies like British American Tobacco. Laws passed by the lower house on Thursday and due in the Senate next month will ban logos and colour variations on cigarette packets. Packets will have to be olive green and carry health warnings within six months from January 1 next year. “Other countries will follow,” said Anne Jackson, the chief executive of Ash Australia, a non-profit lobby group funded by Cancer Council Australia and the Heart Foundation. “This is a light shining the way for others to do the same and many countries are already considering it.” Health Minister Nicola … Read entire article »

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Cigarette smugglers smoked out

Four suspects will appear before the Lebowakgomo Magistrate’s court on Monnday in connection with the possession of smuggled cigarettes valued at about R600000. The four suspects, aged between 34 and 44 years, were arrested along the R37 road between Boyne and Ga Chuene. The police spotted a suspicious Toyota Condor while conducting patrols on Friday at about 1pm, and 3650 cartons of cigarettes in the car were confiscated. The vehicle, owned by a man from Gauteng, was also confiscated for further police investigation. The cigarettes are alleged to have been smuggled from Zimbabwe and were destined for Gauteng. Police spokesperson Lt-Col Mohale Ramatseba said: “The cigarettes smugglers should be aware that the police are all over all the roads in Limpopo to … Read entire article »

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UM campus goes tobacco free on Monday

As students back their bags with books and laptops, the University of Montana says don’t bother packing your cigarettes or dip. The UM campus goes tobacco free on Monday. Vice President Jim Foley says the University will discourage students, faculty and staff from using tobacco products. If people do want to smoke they’ll have to leave campus. The new tobacco free campaign applies to all events at the University Griz games and tailgating included. Season ticket holders already received the tobacco free notice with their tickets in the mail. Vice President Jim Foley says other campuses have done it and Missoula can kick the habit as well. “But is smoking going to go on a little bit on this campus still? Of course it is but we’re just going to … Read entire article »

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Rise in illegal tobacco trading

MORE of the tobacco smoked in St Helens has been smuggled illegally than in any other major town in the north west.Shocking new figures show that 17.5 per cent of tobacco products lit up in St Helens have been traded illicitly on the black market.The 2010 statistics, compiled by tobacco firm Philip Morris International, rated St Helens worse than the likes of Blackburn, Blackpool, Manchester, Preston and Liverpool.Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) chiefs say illicit cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco are often smuggled by the same sophisticated distribution networks as those who smuggle drugs and illegal weapons. John Whiting, HMRC’s assistant director of criminal investigations, said: “Tobacco smuggling is organised crime on a global scale with huge profits ploughed straight back … Read entire article »

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More myth-busting: Dissolvable tobacco and scary labels

An article in the current issue of TIME magazine poses the question, “How Safe is Tobacco that Melts in Your Mouth?” They are referring, of course, to new dissolvable tobacco products currently being assessed by the FDA. Since R.J. Reynolds, America’s second largest tobacco company, has begun selling new products, such as Camel Sticks, Orbs and Strips, in Colorado, public health officials are worrying that these dissolvable tobacco products may have a candy-like appeal for children and teenagers. But Richard Smith, spokesman for R.J. Reynolds, counters that, by consistently referring to these products as candy or mints, those same officials are “irresponsibly perpetuating false and misleading information.” Some anti-tobacco zealots bizarrely allege that the health risks associated with dissolvable tobacco are … Read entire article »

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‘Sin’ tax bill drafted

The bill, which has been identified as a priority by the government, is being touted as both a tax reform and a health measure as it is aimed at increasing revenues and at the same time discouraging consumption of alcohol and tobacco. It also expected to address a World Trade Organization (WTO) ruling declaring Philippine taxes on imported liquor as unfair. “The [excise tax system] is ripe for a major overhaul in order to make the structure simple, fair and responsive to the objectives of the government,” the explanatory note of the still unnumbered and unsponsored bill states. From the current system that imposes various rates depending on prices and ingredients, the Finance department is pushing for a “much simpler structure by adopting a unitary … Read entire article »

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