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Taxing smokes could extinguish deficit

As you may or may not know by now, the state of Wisconsin is facing a $137 million budget deficit for the current fiscal year. If you have been wondering why thousands of people have been camped out in front of the Capitol, this deficit may or may not have something to do with it. Aside from tax cuts, health coverage and collective bargaining issues going on with Gov.Scott Walker’s budget repair bill, there is still the matter of decreasing the deficit. To balance the budget, and perhaps provide a surplus, the state need not cut jobs or eliminate BadgerCare for needy families. The answer to the problem is simple: raise taxes. Cigarette taxes, that is. According to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, for the 2010 fiscal year, the state generated more than … Read entire article »

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Britney tucks into a cigarette as she contemplates her upcoming performance…

On Friday Britney Spears made a bit of an exciting announcement on Good Morning America. In a short video clip on the TV show the singer revealed that she’ll be travelling to San Francisco next month to tape a special performance of her new song which will then be played on the morning TV show. Yay! She said: “Good morning, America. I am excited to tell you on Tuesday morning, March 29, I will be performing for the first time ever in a special concert in San Francisco’s historic Castro District on ‘Good Morning America.’ “ Yes that all sounds lovely we’re sure, the only problem is though that Britney sounded as if she was suffering from a rather nasty bout of cold/flu during her special announcement clip and when we spotted her … Read entire article »

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Kate Moss can’t resist sparking up a cigarette as she hits yet another party

It’s been a tough week for Kate Moss. The model-turned-designer has been burning the candle at both ends by putting in appearances at a number of shows and after parties at London Fashion Week. So it’s hardly surprising that the strain was beginning to show last night as Kate was captured in a less than flattering pose sparking up a cigarette. And it would be fair to say that the dedicated smoker was most definitely not ready for her close-up. The star had been seeing in the weekend with friends at the Salisbury pub in Queens Park. Looking gaunt and tired, Kate left the London pub only to tumble into a waiting car where she and her pals continued the party by singing along to the radio. Dressed in her trademark skinny jeans, the model … Read entire article »

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STF busts illegal cigarettes racket

By Supun Dias Illegally imported cigarettes from Turkey worth around Rs.1 million branded as Gold Leaf were seized by the Special Task Force (STF) in a raid carried out at Mabola in Wattala. The stock inside a van contained twenty boxes each containing 50 cartons. Each carton contained 150-200 cigarette sticks. The total number of cigarette sticks was 280,000. One suspect was arrested during the raid which was carried out on intelligence reports received by the STF intelligence unit headed by SP Varuna Jayasundere. The suspect was taken into custody as he was trying to sell a stock of cigarettes to several vendors. The van which was used to transport and distribute the fags was also taken into the custody of the STF. The raid was carried out by a special STF team under the … Read entire article »

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Cigarette ban on minors intensified

The Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Palawan’s provincial legislative body, passed recently a resolution urging the Department of Trade & Industry, Department of Health, local government units and other concerned agencies to strictly enforce the law against selling of cigarettes and intoxicating drinks to minors. The resolution authored by Provincial Board Member Ernesto Llacuna seeks to put some teeth into the law particularly sections 9 & 10 of the Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003. Based on reports he has been receiving, cigarettes are still being sold to minors and there are minors seen smoking. The resolution which was unanimously approved and signed by Palawan Governor Baham Mitra, recommends the review of the implementation of the law in the local scene and the strengthening of its enforcement. The goal of Republic Act 9211 or the Tobacco Regulation … Read entire article »

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Menthol Cigarette Ban? Tobacco Companies Sue FDA

A proposed menthold cigarette ban has tobacco companies fighting US health regulators in court in an effort to stop consideration of the ban. Lorillard Inc and Reynolds American Inc’s R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co, producer of Camel cigarettes unit filed a lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration based on “conflicts of interest and bias among members” of the FDA advisory panel, which is researching the possible ban. The lawsuit accuses three tobacco advisory panel members of having “severe financial and appearance conflicts of interest and associated biases,” based on the allegation that the advisers received funding for research or work from smoking-cessation product manufacturers. Two others panelists on a subcommittee also have biases, according to the suit, because they previously served as paid expert witnesses in lawsuits against tobacco companies. “There will be no … Read entire article »

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Appeals Court Revives Illinois Class-Action Tobacco Case

The tobacco case that led to a $10 billion verdict against cigarette maker Altria Group Inc.’s Philip Morris, producer of Marlboro cigarettes unit in a class-action lawsuit has been reinstated by an Illinois appellate court, a law firm said. The Fifth District Appellate Court of Illinois on Feb. 24 sent the case back to trial court in Madison County, Illinois, for further proceedings, according to a press release sent by Korein Tillery, the law firm that brought the class-action suit. “The Appellate Court ruling came only on the issue of the timeliness of Korein Tillery’s appeal of the dismissal of the case by the trial court in 2006 when it acted under specific instructions by the Illinois Supreme Court,” according to the statement. Illinois’s top court, in its December 2005 ruling, found that … Read entire article »

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Trial gives low nicotine-cigarettes to quitters

Smokers have been offered what may be the dream way to quit – a low-nicotine cigarette to suck on, plus gum, a patch or a lozenge containing more nicotine. The theory is that separating the ritual of smoking from the main addictive chemical in tobacco smoke may help break the “psychological addiction” and boost the chances of quitting. Auckland University researchers have tested the quit-smoking potential of low-nicotine cigarettes among 1400 heavily dependent smokers recruited through the Quitline. They say earlier trials have indicated that low-nicotine cigarettes may help people to quit the habit, but these studies had limitations, such as having too few participants to produce reliable results. The six-month follow-up check on quitting results in the trial is almost complete and the researchers expect to reveal their findings at a European … Read entire article »

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Wheeling Business Owner Reacts to Possible Cigarette Tax Increase

A bill that could increase the tax on a pack of cigarettes in West Virginia is in its early stages, and if passed could increase the tax to an additional dollar. “I hope our legislators say no and turn it down,” said Scott Miller, owner of Neely’s Grocery. West Virginia has one of the lowest cigarette tax rates in the nation, about 55 cents. Miller said he is opposed to the bill. Cigarettes are one of his top sellers, and his store attracts customers from Ohio and Pennsylvania due to the state’s low tax. “There’s still a lot of smokers, it’s still legal and I want to be competitive,” Miller said. Pyramid is one of Miller’s most popular sellers. Right now, a carton of 10 packs cost $28.99. If the tax should go up, that … Read entire article »

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Japan Tobacco Aims to Boost Overseas Profit 10% as Domestic Demand Drops

Japan Tobacco Inc., the world’s third-largest publicly traded cigarette maker, aims to boost overseas profit at least 10 percent as a tax increase damps demand at home. Japan Tobacco plans to increase sales in countries including Russia, Yasushi Shingai, executive vice president of the JT International SA unit, said in an interview on Feb. 10 in Tokyo, where the company is based. The cigarette maker will focus on its more profitable brands including Mild Seven and Winston, he said. The company is targeting profit growth in Russia even as the country seeks to crack down on smoking through an advertising ban and higher taxes. Eastern Europe including Russia is the biggest overseas market for Japan Tobacco, accounting for 48 percent of its international unit’s sales volume in 2010, the company said Feb. … Read entire article »

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Rotten Robbie Teams With Smoker Friendly

Robinson Oil Co.’s Rotten Robbie convenience store chain based in Santa Clara, Calif., has signed a deal with Smoker Friendly International LLC to be an authorized dealer. Rotten Robbie will co-brand with Smoker Friendly in its tobacco category. Rotten Robbie will be the exclusive retailer for SF/Smoker Friendly private-label tobacco products in its 34-store chain in that region of northern California. “We believe this is a great opportunity for both companies to serve tobacco consumers around northern California with outstanding tobacco products and tobacco accessory offerings,” said Mary Szarmach, vice president of trademarketing for Boulder, Colo.-based Smoker Friendly International. Smoker Friendly licenses more than 760 stores across the United States with The SF Private-Label Tobacco family. Smoker Friendly is America’s largest cigarette and tobacco store (CTS) retailer. The Smoker Friendly Authorized Dealer Program is … Read entire article »

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E-Cigarettes: Another Puff

By Noah Golden Over break, I was sitting in a coffee shop with my friend Emily when halfway through our conversation she took out a cigarette and simply started smoking. The act wasn’t surprising: Emily is a seasoned smoker who has been hooked on cigarettes for seven years. But the fact that she was doing it inside caught me off guard. Before I could stop her, I noticed there wasn’t a lighter in sight and the tip glowed with a strange orange light instead of the traditional flickering ember. Smoke billowed out of her mouth, yet the strong, ashtray smell was nowhere to be found. Emily Ward, who is currently attending Middlesex Community College in Middletown, Conn., is just one of many smokers who have turned to e-cigarettes as an alternative to the real … Read entire article »

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