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Tivoli bans smoking at village park

TIVOLI — The Village Board adopted a tobacco-free park resolution at its November meeting, Trustee Bryan Cranna said. Cranna sponsored the resolution, which was adopted unanimously by the board. The resolution prohibits the use of tobacco products at Memorial Park, including the playground, parking lot, ballfield and any other area within the park’s perimeter. Signs have been placed at the park that read: “Tobacco Free Zone, Young Lungs at Play.” Cranna, who also serves as the Tivoli Recreation Committee chairman, said, “This resolution simply makes good sense. As the father of two young children who play at our park regularly, it is my hope that this policy will allow my children and others to play outdoors without having to breathe in second-hand smoke. Smoking, children and playing on playgrounds do not belong together.” Cranna … Read entire article »

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Scary Images of Cigarette Damage Banned in New York

The images of decaying teeth and diseased lungs hanging wherever cigarettes are sold in New York were banned Wednesday after a federal judge ruled that only the federal government can dictate the warnings accompanying cigarettes. (The images ran in connection with a 2009 New York City Board of Health law requiring the display of smoking warnings wherever tobacco products are sold.) The judge referred to the Labeling Act, a law intended to balance public and commercial interests with a federal program designed to handle cigarette labeling and advertising, created in part to avoid nonuniform and confusing messages about smoking. “Even merchants of morbidity are entitled to the full protection of the law, for our sake as well as theirs,” he said. … Read entire article »

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Ottawa to increase size of tobacco warnings to cover 3/4 of cigarette package

OTTAWA — New anti-smoking warnings on cigarette packs, to be announced by the federal government Thursday, will feature images of an iconic Canadian cancer victim and cover a full three-quarters of the packages’ surface, Postmedia News has learned. The significant increase in the size of the often-stark ads comes after opposition MPs on the House of Commons health committee recently threw their weight behind a long-standing movement to bump up the mandatory ads from the current level of half the packs’ surface panel. Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq was to unveil the new ads, some of which will feature pictures of Barb Tarbox, who died in 2003 of cancer but who became famous before her death for her high-profile crusade to persuade young people to not smoke. Aglukkaq’s announcement is timed to encourage smokers … Read entire article »

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Punjab Govt Yielding To Pressure From Tobacco Firms

PATIALA – The Cancer Council of India (CCI), an NGO, has taken a strong view of the reports regarding the Union Health Ministry succumbing to the pressures of tobacco companies for implementation of stricter pictorial warnings on tobacco products. These were supposed to be started from December 1. Secretary general of the Council, Karamvir Karan, has asked the government to come clean on this issue. While having discussions with other members of the CCI during an emergent meeting held, Karan said the Health Ministry should uphold the commitment made to people of nation. “We also criticised the authorities concerned for not showing the will to implement the commitments and laws. Executive chairman of the council, Dr Devinder Singh Sandhu, said laws banning smoking and spitting tobacco at public places were not implemented … Read entire article »

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A little respect, please, for smokers among us

Esther J. Cepeda is a Washington Post columnist Across the country, from college campuses to casinos and even city parks, more lines are being drawn in the sand in the war against smokers. Yes, I do mean the war against smokers and not the war against smoking. Because everyone knows smoking can kill, the fear of secondhand smoke is being channeled as anger onto the people who choose to do it anyway. And the schizophrenia with which this country approaches this health threat is part of the problem: We sell cigarettes legally and reap benefits from their tax revenue on one hand while funding health studies and public outreach programs to get people to stop puffing on the other. Last month’s big cigarette story was that the Food and Drug Administration will soon … Read entire article »

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Survey: Ky. retailers compliant with tobacco law

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Cabinet for Health and Family Services says retailers in Kentucky are doing a good job of keeping tobacco products out of the hands of minors. An annual survey conducted by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control found that more than 94 percent of retailers surveyed upheld the state law banning sale of tobacco products to people younger than 18. States are required to conduct the survey each year and show that compliance by retailers is at least 80 percent. The agency says Kentucky’s rate has been around 94 percent since 2003. The national average for 2009 was 89 percent. States that fall below 80 percent compliance are subject to a penalty of 40 percent of federal grants for substance abuse prevention and treatment. … Read entire article »

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Merkley Calls For End Of Tobacco Candy Sales

WASHINGTON, DC — Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley is currently leading an effort to limit the distribution and sale of “tobacco candy”, citing health affects and appeal to children. Recently, R.J. Reynolds tested dissolvable tobacco, also known as “tobacco candy” in the Portland area and two other markets. And even though the company said it will no longer sell the product in Portland, R.J. Reynolds, producer of Camel Silver cigarettes said they may introduce the candies in different markets. Senator Merkley is urging the tobacco giant to halt any further plans to distribute such products. “It was unfathomable that any company would market such a deadly product that so clearly would appeal to kids,” Merkley said. “Again and again we had reports in Oregon that these candies were making their way into … Read entire article »

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Lithuania Retail Sales Drop In November

Lithuania’s retail sales fell 3.7% month-on-month in November, Statistics Lithuania said Tuesday. However, sales were 11.6% higher than last year. Retail sales, excluding motor vehicles and motorcycles, declined 5.6% on a monthly basis, but was 4% higher than a year ago. At the same time, turnover of retail and wholesale trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles grew 1.5% from October and was up 37.9% year-on-year. Trade in automobiles and accessories surged 38.5% year-on-year and was 1.8% higher than in October. Retail sales of food, beverages and tobacco products were down 5.2% month-on-month. Compared to a year earlier, sales of these products fell 0.9%. Sales of automotive fuels grew 2.4% annually, while falling 10.6% on a monthly basis. by RTT Staff Writer … Read entire article »

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Minn. court: Light cigarette case is class-action

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A lawsuit that alleges the maker of Marlboro Lights used deceptive trade practices and false advertising when it marketed its cigarettes as “light” can proceed in Minnesota as a class-action claim, the state Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday. The 45-page ruling by the three-judge panel sends the 2001 lawsuit against Philip Morris back to Hennepin County District Court. The class would include people who bought Marlboro Lights in Minnesota for their personal use from 1972 through November 2004. The number of people in the class and the amount of damages they would seek was not immediately available Tuesday. The plaintiffs are seeking refunds of money they spent on the cigarettes. In a statement, Philip Morris said it was considering its options for an appeal. The company said it believes class-action … Read entire article »

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Reynolds , producer of Camel cigarettes targets quitters

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., producer of Camel Blue cigarettes has launched a national campaign marketing Camel Snus as a potential New Year’s resolution solution for smokers. David Howard, a Reynolds spokesman, said that it is the company’s first campaign aimed specifically at encouraging smokers to switch to Camel Snus. “A lot of adults make a decision to quit smoking this time of the year,” Howard said. “For those making that attempt, but still wanting the pleasure of tobacco, we’re saying ‘Here’s an option.’ ” Bill Godshall, the executive director of SmokeFree Pennsylvania, said he believes that Reynolds is the first large U.S. tobacco company to encourage smokers to quit smoking by urging them to switch to a smokeless product. The ads have run in magazines such as Entertainment Weekly, People, Sports Illustrated, Time and … Read entire article »

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Is Secret Smoking Affecting your Relationships?

Most of the images we have of smoking are social, such as after a meal, or having fun with friends. In fact though, “secret smoking” is a new kind of part-time smoking which is increasingly common on the current scene. The public health community has succeeded so well in convincing us of the dangers of smoking that even the president of the United States has had to sneak around to smoke in the White House! What are the consequences of engaging in a hidden behavior like secret smoking that your spouse and children are so against? Why do families want smokers to stop smoking? Because they love them! They want them, in the words of the song by the Supremes to “Stop in the name of love”. So, not surprisingly, … Read entire article »

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Opposing view on tobacco regulation: Concerned smokers can quit

For nearly a decade, Altria Group and Philip Morris USA, producer of Marlboro cigarettes actively supported federal regulation of tobacco products. Philip Morris USA agrees with the overwhelming medical and scientific consensus that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema and other serious diseases in smokers. OUR VIEW: Nation must do more to keep kids out of smoking pipeline We cannot ignore the health issues associated with tobacco use and its implications for consumers and society as a whole. At the same time, as Congress confirmed by passing legislation that gave the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory authority over tobacco products, society has decided to continue to permit the sale of these products to adults and to leave decisions about their use to those adults. Much of the recent Surgeon General’s … Read entire article »

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