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‘Smugglers and not shops should be penalised’

BURTON town centre’s last specialist tobacconist has accused health chiefs of targeting the wrong people in the fight against smoking. Shaid Hussain, owner of Good News, in High Street, Burton, spoke out after a group of leading medics said cigarette displays behind shop counters must be banned. Many of the UK’s leading medical practitioners have argued that banning cigarette stands would reduce smoking rates by decreasing children’s exposure to tobacco products. Mr Hussain, who has sold cigarettes and a range of specialist tobacco products for eight years, disagrees with the doctors and says the sale of illegal tobacco goods should be tackled before health bosses go after legitimate cigarette sellers. He said: “Illegal tobacco sales is something that needs to be targeted, but what is in fact happening is the targeting of legitimate shopkeepers, … Read entire article »

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Council chiefs invest £900k of pension pot in tobacco firm

ENFIELD COUNCIL finance bosses have invested nearly £900,000 of its pension fund in a tobacco firm, it was revealed yesterday. The money was invested last November in British American Tobacco, the firm that produces cigarettes such as Lucky Strike and Dunhill. The £887,000 invested was from the council’s pension fund for local authority employees, such as street cleaners and social workers. Phillip Chard, director of operations at the charity Pro Cancer Research Fund, based in Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, said: “I come from a commercial background so I understand that to get money you need to collaborate with organisations you may not agree with, but you need to draw the line somewhere. “I don’t agree with smoking; it is the most ridiculous thing. It is a very difficult issue, and I know that the … Read entire article »

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Michael Douglas says his throat cancer tumor is shrinking

Veteran Hollywood actor Michael Douglas says his doctors have a positive outlook for his recovery prospects as he undergoes radiation and chemotherapy treatment for throat cancer. “I have the treatments in the morning. They tend to kind of knock me out till usually the early afternoon. I lie down and take it easy.” Douglas told reporters at a press conference for his new film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Since being diagnosed with throat cancer, the 65 year old Oscar winning star said he is staying positive and taking everyday as it comes. “I like my odds. I’m not dealing with mortality issues until they tell me, ‘Oops, we have to go back and do surgery’ or something like that,” Douglas says. “The tumor is shrinking. The odds are good.” The New Jersey born Douglas had spent months … Read entire article »

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Medical marijuana use requires more study

A very good doctor is sharing his story about the usage of medical marijuana : I have been asked over the last few years quite a few questions about the usage of medical marijuana. Most of the time, people who were interested were primary caregivers of my sick elderly patients. Some questions came through my hospice connection — attending people with a very serious illness and many very difficult-to-control symptoms. I also distinctly remember some of my patients’ family members seeking approval for the medical marijuana as an adjunct treatment for agitation and aggression in demented patients. There were questions about appetite stimulation and the relief of spasms in multiple sclerosis. Since medical marijuana is not legal in Connecticut, I always avoided addressing the issue. After all, even if I believed that it … Read entire article »

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New good sign-lack of tobacco sales to minors

Eighteen Muskogee stores were targeted by a recent undercover program to find out if retailers check ID before selling tobacco products. Four stores sold. Not perfect, but not terrible. For those who didn’t sell, good job. For those who did, we hope you learned your lesson. The Area Prevention Resource Center conducted the program, so the four establishments which sold weren’t fined, since the Eufaula-based office has no law-enforcement power. The program recruits student volunteers who are 16 to 17 to enter stores. The volunteers never touch the product, nor do they take any money into the store. Adults with the program supervise the volunteers during the attempted purchase. After the attempted purchase, a card is presented to the retailer — one that shows appreciation for checking ID or one that says “you could be fined for … Read entire article »

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Mother arrested on suspicion of child burning with cigarette

An El Dorado Hills woman has been released from custody after being arrested on suspicion of child endangerment. Kristy Hughes, 30, was arrested Sept. 3 for allegedly burning her 3-year-old daughter with a cigarette, according to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office. “Someone at the child’s preschool noticed the marks and contacted Child Protective Services, they in turn got a hold of us,” said Sgt. Phil Chovanec, spokesman for the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office. CPS removed the toddler and her 18-month-old brother from the suspect’s Valley View Park home. Although there was no immediate indication that the younger child was burned or otherwise a victim of child abuse, the sheriff’s office is investigating further. Some in the community expressed concern and outrage that anyone would hurt a child, let alone a mother. “I can’t believe that … Read entire article »

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Campaign to discourage the exposure of children to tobacco promotion

Ulster County will campaign to discourage the exposure of children to tobacco promotion. Speaking Tuesday in the courtyard of Lenape Elementary School, Ulster County Executive Michael Hein said: “Starting today, Ulster County, through our Health Department, is partnering with the Tobacco Free Action Coalition of Ulster County to actively discourage the marketing and promotion of tobacco products anywhere where such marketing can be seen by children.” Hein said he will ask the county Legislature to pass supporting legislation or, alternatively, address the issue through the Health Department by way of the county’s sanitary codes. The effort will include asking local leaders to adopt regulations that restrict the visible promotion of tobacco products at retail locations and restrict smoking on public properties and at recreation areas. “We will heighten the awareness of the serious health … Read entire article »

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George Michael gets jail sentence for drug-driving crash

George Michael, pop star, heart-throb and celebrity bad boy, is no stranger to feeling the hand of the law on his shoulder. But today the singer felt its full weight as he was sentenced to eight weeks in prison after he admitted crashing his car under the influence of cannabis. After being greeted at the court by screaming fans and flashing cameras, the 47-year-old former Wham! frontman, real name Georgios Panayiotou, was also fined £1,250 and banned from driving for five years. He will serve four weeks of the sentence, spending the rest on licence. The star was arrested in July this year after his Range Rover crashed into a branch of Snappy Snaps in the early hours of the morning, in Hampstead, north London. The … Read entire article »

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Trapped miners in Chile begin receiving cigarettes

The 33 miners trapped 2,300 feet underground in a mine in Chile have persuaded officials to meet one of their most ardent requests since making contact with the surface: cigarettes. The regional governor in Atacama, where the San Jose mine is located, told reporters this weekend that the miners will now receive two cigarette packs a day, or 40 smokes, to ration among them. “We’re ready to do what we can to lift the miners’ spirits,” said Chilean Health Minister Jaime Manalich. A doctor in the rescue operation told the Agence France-Presse news agency that the miners were “responsible people” who could administer the cigarettes on their own. The decision to send down smokes came after ventilation was improved in the shelter where the miners await their rescue. Previous measures to alleviate the miners’ … Read entire article »

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FDA issues warning to electronic cigarette distributors

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently cited five electronic cigarette distributors for violations including unsubstantiated claims and poor manufacturing practices. The FDA said that the distributors falsely claim that electronic cigarettes, battery operated devices with cartridges containing nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals, assist smokers in quitting the tobacco habit. According to the September FDA statement, the products have not yet been proven safe or effective. In July, the FDA had indicated that its tests had demonstrated that some of the electronic cigarettes contained cancer-causing chemicals and other toxins, including a compound used in antifreeze. In addition, one of the five distributors was additionally cited for selling unapproved weight loss and erectile dysfunction refill cartridges for its cigarettes. The five companies cited are: E-CigaretteDirect LLC, Ruyan America Inc., Gamucci America (Smokey Bayou … Read entire article »

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NATO Comments on FDA Tobacco Retail Requirements

The National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) opposes two new tobacco retail training program requirements proposed by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), the group said in has comments submitted to the agency, according to its most recent NATO E-News report. Under the FDA law, retailers are not required to train employees on how to prevent the sale of regulated tobacco products to minors; however, in the event tobacco products are sold to a minor, the retailer will be subject to a lower fine if it has an approved training program with elements required by the FDA. The FDA believes that retailers should teach store employees about the health effects and economic costs of tobacco use including the number of approximate deaths due to tobacco use and the dollar amount of health … Read entire article »

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Smokeless Tobacco Products Can Be Deadly

Smokeless tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco and snuff, are not safe or effective alternatives for people who want to quit smoking, says a policy statement released Monday by the American Heart Association. “No tobacco product is safe to consume,” Mariann Piano, a professor in the biobehavioral health science department at the University of Illinois in Chicago and lead writer of the statement, said in an AHA news release. Smokeless tobacco products are addictive and may also increase the risk of fatal heart attack, fatal stroke and certain cancers, according to the statement published online in the journal Circulation. As smoking bans become common in the United States, smokeless tobacco products are being marketed as substitutes for cigarettes where smoking is prohibited, the authors said. They also noted that smokeless tobacco products have become more … Read entire article »

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