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Development in tobacco law changing

The Scottish press reports that Imperial Tobacco, “one of the world’s largest tobacco firms” , has launched a legal challenge against Scotland’s ban on displays of tobacco and cigarette vending machines. According to the Scottish Daily Express, the company “is seeking to have the legislation set aside in a judicial review, claiming the measures are beyond the legal scope of Holyrood.” Imperial, said the Herald, believe that if the measures comes into force it would criminalise currently lawful activities over the sale and display of tobacco products. It maintains that the display ban and outlawing of cigarette vending machines is a means of regulating sale and supply of goods to consumers, which is a matter reserved to the Westminster Parliament.It is also claimed that the bans would modify freedom-of-trade provisions under the 1707 Act of … Read entire article »

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Manisha Koirala bride smoking in public

This is not a film shot. It’s not a shot break in film shooting. It’s real picture. Manisha Koirala, the actress who got married to Samrat Dahal in Kathmandu is seen smoking this way after her wedding. Manisha never feels embarrassed smoking in public. She never fears of any law as well. Celebrities smoking in public show a detrimental effect to society as per present law. And ladies smoking this way would certainly have bigger effect. Although it happened in Kathmandu, it effects Indian youth and ladies, say sources. Bride having smoke in bridal sindoor is certainly a rare thing that people see. … Read entire article »

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Day 8 from a 30 Day Crusade Against Smoking

Bans on public smoking are spreading throughout the world. That suits Eric who is a lifelong non-smoker, nay, ANTI-smoker. For 30 days he will change the world and the habits of current smokers. Day 8: Extreme measures are needed. Even the kids are at it. I blame the parents really. The kids grow up with their parents smoking 20 per day and, of course, they are going to do just the same in later life. Except later life is about 10 years old in my neck of the woods. A shame – what starts as bravado and conformity will end in death and disease. And all the while I am breathing in their smoke and watching them litter the place. So, my plan is simple. Catch them whilst they are young. It … Read entire article »

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FDA tobacco takeover slow

A year after a new law put tobacco regulation in the hands of the Food and Drug Administration, one thing is clear: It will likely be years before any of the most aggressive steps to reduce deaths from smoking might happen. When President Barack Obama signed the bill into law last June, anti-tobacco advocates suggested it could lead to a reduction in nicotine levels, a ban on menthol cigarettes or other aggressive moves.Such moves are still a long way down the road as the FDA takes its time assessing the scientific evidence for what would best improve public health. That leaves the future of the industry and effects on both companies and consumers under a cloud of smoke. The FDA’s measured approach hasn’t stopped it from making changes prescribed by the law: limiting marketing, … Read entire article »

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No more flavored cigarettes, but teens still smoke

You may have noticed that you can no longer buy clove cigarettes in the United States. That’s because the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, which forces tobacco companies to call “light” cigarettes “golds” or “blues” instead, also forbids them to sell cigarettes that have a “characterizing flavor” other than tobacco or menthol. For example there are menthol cigarettes like: Kiss Menthol cigarettes or Esse Menthol cigarettes. The official aim, as I explained back in 2004, is to protect the youth of America from “candy-flavored cigarettes” that would otherwise lure them into a lifelong tobacco addiction. Which sounds perfectly persuasive to your average “think of the children” knee jerker, except that there is no reason to believe such cigarettes have ever played a significant role in … Read entire article »

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July 1 -increase of cigarette taxes in 5 states

To reduce smoking and combat budget deficits, five states will implement cigarette tax increases on July 1. The five states are: New York, $1.60 increase to $4.35 per pack; Hawai’i, 40 cents to $3 per pack; New Mexico, 75 cents to $1.66 per pack; South Carolina, 50 cents to 57 cents per pack; and Utah, $1 to $1.70 per pack. On May 1, Washington increased its cigarette tax by $1 to $3.025 per pack. New York’s increase will give it the highest state cigarette tax at $4.35 per pack, while South Carolina’s increase – its first since 1977 – means it will no longer have the lowest cigarette tax in the nation. Missouri will now have the lowest cigarette tax at just 17 cents a pack.  After the July 1 increases, the average … Read entire article »

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Supreme Court will not hear 280-billion-dollar cigarette case

The first group established by Congress to regulate the accounting industry survived a constitutional challenge on Monday, emerging only with its members having a little less job security.But the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board still faces a major problem of dealing with a number of foreign countries that refuse to cooperate with it. And it is soon likely to get a majority of new members, perhaps including — for the first time — an auditor who has experience being regulated by the board. In its ruling, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected a challenge to the constitutionality of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which established the board and sought to reform corporate America after the Enron and WorldCom accounting scandals.A small accounting firm and a group called the Free Enterprise Fund had … Read entire article »

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Lorillard goes on the offensive over menthol cigs

Cigarette maker Lorillard is launching a campaign to defend menthol cigarettes amid a federal review of the minty smokes.The nation’s third-largest cigarette company that makes the top-selling menthol brand, Newport and one of the best brand Kent cigarettes , has launched a website called “Understanding Menthol.” The site explains the Greensboro, N.C., company’s position, the science under review by the U.S Food and Drug Administration’s advisory committee, and the consequences of a potential ban on the product. Lorillard also sent letters to more than a half-million Newport smokers about the FDA’s review of claims that menthol cigarettes have greater public health impacts, including among children and certain ethnic groups. Menthol is a key area for growth for tobacco companies in a shrinking cigarette market. … Read entire article »

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Lisette Lee was cought with 506lbs of weed

California socialite Lisette Lee, who told authorities she is the heiress to the Samsung fortune, was traveling with a bodyguard on a private jet and was arrested at an Ohio airport with 506 pounds of marijuana stashed in 13 suitcases. Lisette Lee, her bodyguard, and two personal assistants were taken into custody on Monday after the DEA received a tip that a 28 year-old woman was traveling with a large amount of luggage. The chartered plane landed in Columbus and one of Lee’s assistants and her bodyguard helped baggage workers unload the luggage. It took two people to carry some of the larger suitcases which were loaded with bricks of marijuana.Authorities confiscated Lee’s three cell phones, cocaine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and drug ledgers that detailed around $300,000 in transactions. Lisette Lee was charged … Read entire article »

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Kate Hudson example of quit smoking

Kate Hudson says she quit smoking because it made her smell.The Bride Wars star admits she hated her hair, car and clothes stinking of cigarettes.“It was starting to drive me crazy!” Hudson said. “I didn’t like the way the car smelt, or my hair and clothes”. “It takes you away from the family and the things you’re doing. You don’t realize it at the time. Then when you’re done, you go, ‘Wow, I do so much more in a day – including eat.’”Kate — who’s currently dating New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and already has a son, Ryder, with ex-husband Chris Robinson — recently admitted that giving up the dirty habit fueled rumors she was pregnant with her second child. “Quitting meant eating more,” she said. “Then, there were rumours in the press … Read entire article »

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Jennifer Capriati hospitalized for possible overdose

Jennifer Capriati hospitalized for possible overdose.  The thirty four year old record breaking right handed tennis pro was found unconscious in a Riviera Beach, Florida hotel room in the early hours of June 27, 2010.   Capriati’s father, Stephano reported to TMZ that Jennifer is recovering. Jennifer had legal and drug problems in the past despite her professional success.  On the court, Jennifer has claimed over 14 career titles which include 3 Grand Slams and won a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics.  Off the court troubles for the accomplished tennis star have mounted over the years.   Jennifer was picked up for shoplifting in December 1993 and marijuana possession in May 1994.  Jennifer has been likened to be the “poster child for burned out sports prodigies” by the Chicago Sun-Times. … Read entire article »

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July 5th smoking ban take effect and cigarette butt problems

The approach of Wisconsin’s indoor smoking ban is stirring concerns in Green Bay about a possible side effect of pushing smokers outside: Where will all those cigarette butts end up?”We don’t want a mess of cigarette butts all over the place,” said Paul Hartman, chairman of the city’s beautification committee.Some business groups are taking steps to make sure bar owners and other businesses provide ashtrays or other disposal options outside their establishments.The new statewide ban on smoking in most indoor workplaces takes effect July 5. Christopher Naumann, executive director of On Broadway Inc., said his group might purchase extra canisters and set them out along Broadway to control littering in the popular downtown restaurant and tavern district.Naumann said a similar ban that took effect in Minneapolis in 2007 turned some areas … Read entire article »

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