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A healthy tan? You may as well smoke a cigarette, say cancer experts

Leading oncologists are warning of a skin cancer epidemic where young women are particularly at riskWe have just endured one of the longest winters for many years. Then the sun came out. Hatless, sleeveless, heedless, the human reaction to the warming sun was to turn our face towards it. Sunlight soothes, delights… and, increasingly, kills. The incidence and death rates of malignant melanoma  –  the deadliest skin cancer  –  are inexorably rising. ‘You can call it, for want of a better word, an epidemic,’ says Richard Marais, professor of molecular oncology at The Institute of Cancer Research in London. ‘We know cigarette smoke is a carcinogen. The World Health Organisation puts ultraviolet radiation from the sun in the same category. When people are sold a “healthy tan”, either from burning in the … Read entire article »

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Nagaland’s tobacco statistic disturbing

Today , the 31st of May is “World No Tobacco Day.” The day is designed to ask people to abstain from using all tobacco products for 24 hours in order to begin breaking their addiction to the “harmful and wasteful habit.” The day is also meant to raise awareness about health risks associated with tobacco and advocate for better policies to reduce consumption worldwide. Nagaland will join the rest of the world in observing this day. In Kohima, a function will take place at the Nagaland Civil Secretariat at 2:00 PM. In Nagaland, 67.9% male and 28.1% female consume tobacco in some form or other, according to available source. In Nagaland, many steps/efforts have been initiated to control or reduce the consumption of tobacco products. The state is implementing Cigarette & … Read entire article »

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On World No Tobacco Day, Special Attention to Women, Girls

This is the VOA Special English Development Report. World No Tobacco Day is celebrated each thirty-first of May. The observance is meant to bring attention to the growing use of tobacco and its deadly effects. The World Health Assembly established the event in nineteen eighty-seven. This year, special attention is being given to the harmful effects of tobacco marketing to women and girls. The World Health Organization says tobacco kills nearly five and a half million people a year — another victim every six seconds. Tobacco use is a top cause of death worldwide. One billion people smoke. More than eighty percent of tobacco users live in low and middle income countries. The W.H.O. says the tobacco industry has increasingly directed its marketing campaigns at women and girls. Women currently represent about twenty percent … Read entire article »

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Smokesless tobacco products taxed like snus

One of the world’s most addictive drugs is available in every Lehigh Valley neighborhood. It’s cheap. It can cost less than a gallon of gas. Eight percent of high schoolers use it, and one-fourth of young users start by sixth grade. This drug has been openly and aggressively marketed to young males, but now its manufacturers are coming up with ways to use it that will appeal to both genders and all ages. smokless-tobacco-products The drug, of course, is nicotine. The drug delivery system that appeals to so many preteens and teenagers is smokeless tobacco. Forty years ago, most chewing tobacco users were older, rural men. Now, thanks to marketing that links it to sports, such as rodeo and stock car racing, and attitude-loaded advertising in magazines , including Rolling Stone, most smokeless … Read entire article »

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Memorable actor Dennis Hopper left us!

Hollywood is in mourning for Dennis Hopper, who died after a battle with cancer.The high-flying Hollywood wild man’s memorable and erratic career included an early turn in Rebel Without A Cause, an improbable smash with Easy Rider and a classic character role in Blue Velvet. Hopper, 74, died on Saturday at his home in the Los Angeles beach community of Venice, surrounded by family and friends, family friend Alex Hitz said. Hopper’s manager announced in October 2009 that the actor had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The success of Easy Rider and the spectacular failure of his next film, The Last Movie, fit the pattern for the talented, but sometimes uncontrollable actor-director, who also had parts in such favourites as Apocalypse Now and Hoosiers. He married five times and led a dramatic life right … Read entire article »

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Cigarette effects on a smoker

Effects Of Cigarette On A Smoker Life 1. Urea, a chemical compound that is a major component in urine, is used to add “flavor” to cigarettes. 2. The United States is the only major cigarette market in the world in which the percentage of women smoking cigarettes (22%) comes close to the number of men who smoke (35%). Europe has a slightly larger gap (46% of men smoke, 26% of women smoke), while most other regions have few women smokers. The stats: Africa (29% of men smoke, 4% of women smoke); Southeast Asia (44% of men, 4% of women), Western Pacific (60% of men, 8% of women). 3. The U.S. states with the highest percentage of smokers are Kentucky (28.7%), Indiana (27.3%), and Tennessee (26.8%), while the states with the fewest are … Read entire article »

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Menthol cigarettes under review

U.S. advisers heard evidence on the effects of menthol cigarettes as they began a year-long review of the popular but controversial flavoring under the government’s new tobacco powers.Smoked by about 19 million Americans, minty menthol cigarettes are under attack from health advocates who say the taste can be more enticing and possibly addicting than regular cigarettes.At the start of a two-day public meeting, a committee of outside experts that advises the Food and Drug Administration began hearing data on menthol’s impact on smokers’ use and health. Menthols account for more than a quarter of cigarette sales and are a top choice among black smokers. A U.S. government survey showed 83 percent of adult black smokers chose menthol, compared with 23 percent of whites.FDA scientists presented findings to the panel from data … Read entire article »

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A dollar for improving your health

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) identified tobacco use as the single biggest cause of premature death in every state in the U.S. They recommended in 2007 that New Jersey state government should spend $120 million per year on tobacco control ($13.75 per person per year, and 12% of total tobacco-related revenue to the state). Here in New Jersey, our Comprehensive Tobacco Control Program (CTCP) started in 2000, with annual funding of just over $30 million via the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). The program was set up to follow CDC guidelines to have components for media, evaluation, community activities, youth prevention, and smoking cessation. With the post 9/11 recession causing severe budget problems for the state, funding was drastically cut by 66% to $11 million in 2004 and then in 2009 … Read entire article »

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Smoke is getting in your eyes

Despite all the evidence out there, people are still smoking. IN THE 1940s, smoking cigarettes was socially acceptable – even considered cool, if you believe some of the ads from way back then. For example, one ad for Camel cigarettes read: “More doctors smoke CAMELS than any other cigarette!” Accompanying the claim was a picture of a handsome doctor (you can tell he’s a doctor because he’s wearing a white coat) holding a cigarette in his hand. The message? Beautiful, intelligent, successful people are smoking Camels, so why aren’t you? Moreover, if your doctor smokes Camels, they can’t possibly be bad for you. I mean to say, this is the guy responsible for your health. And if he thinks a Camel is better than, say, a Marlboro, who can argue with … Read entire article »

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Katy Perry is smoking more cause of wedding stress

Singer Katy Perry has reportedly been smoking more than ever as the stress of her upcoming wedding takes its toll.Perry, 25, engaged to British comic Russell Brand, 34, is reportedly keen to quit smoking and is considering taking up hypnotherapy in a bid to kick the habit.According to UK newspaper Daily Mirror, she said to a friend: ‘I’m stressed out with the wedding and I keep smoking to calm my nerves. ‘I do it, even though I know it is really bad for me and I know I need to stop. So I’m thinking I am going to have hypnotherapy to help me get over it.’I’d never say to kids: ‘This is cool.’ It’s a really bad habit that I need to quit.’ … Read entire article »

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How Jennifer Aniston keeps up with smoking and training

Until celebrities find a way to pay peons to work out on their behalf, they are stuck doing it themselves. And, surprisingly, many smoker celebrities, including, yes, Jennifer Aniston, manage to work out quite a bit. Her secret isn’t some miracle energy pill—though many stars do fall back on prescription drugs like Adderall to keep themselves cadaver-slim. No, her secret is at once more mundane and more fascinating… …most likely, a celebrity trainer tells me, her body has simply adapted to its circumstances. “The body adapts to things, just like it adapts to good diet and exercise,” says Joy DiPalma, who has appeared as a trainer on Tori Spelling‘s reality show. (And for those of you who were … Read entire article »

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Hollywood get rid of kid smoking movies fast

It’s been one year since the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) pledged to make the movies that children see smoke free. But nothing has been done to put that pledge into practice.”One year later, we are still waiting for Hollywood to do the right thing,” state Health Commissioner Richard F. Daines, M.D., said today. “The MPAA must act now to protect children from the harmful influence of movie stars smoking gratuitously on film. We cannot sacrifice the health of another generation through indifference and inaction.” Fo r example in 100 dalmatines Cruella is smoking a lady cigarette with so much elegance but in the same time influencing kids. “Research shows that deaths attributable to youth exposure to on-screen tobacco will be greater in the U.S. than drunken driving, drug … Read entire article »

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