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Philip Morris, Altria Group, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co – Verdict Guilty

Philip Morris USA, Altria Group Inc.’s and two other big cigarette companies lost a $20 million verdict in Florida state court in Fort Lauderdale. Last week a jury formed of six persons found Liggett Group, Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. guilty and responsible for the cancer death of Margot Putney, a Lighthouse Point, Florida. She was a woman who began smoking in 1953, when she was 15 and she died in 1995. The woman started smoking when the advertising for cigarettes where everywhere, on TV, radio, print media, newspapers. Charles Baumberger is the lawyer who represented the three kids of Putney. This verdict is following the one that was given in 2006 in Florida, when the tobacco industry had serious losses. The Florida high court permitted individual suits to … Read entire article »

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Feminized cigarette brands for vitality.

Almost 250 million women in the entire world are smoking every day. About 22 percent of women in countries which are developed and 9 percent of women in countries which are developing smoke tobacco. In Asia many women are chewing tobacco. Of course cigarette smoking is declining among women in countries which are already developed. Like example we have: Canada, Australia and UK and the USA. But this trend we can not find in all developed countries. In a few countries from eastern, central and southern European countries cigarette smoking is either still increasing among women or has not shown any decline. The tobacco industry is promoting cigarettes to women using seductive images of vitality, sophistication, modernity, slimness, emancipation and sexual allure. Tobacco companies have now produced a range of brands especially for women. Most … Read entire article »

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The woman to save humanity-where she sat grew tobacco.

A Huron Indian myth says that long time ago the land was poor and the people had no food to eat and were starving. When all of these happened the Great Spirit has sent for a woman to save the whole humanity. While she was traveling all over the world everywhere when her right hand touched the soil, there grew potatoes. And everywhere her left hand touched the soil, there grew corn, but in the place where she had sat, there grew tobacco. The Spaniards have met many interesting people while they were traveling. Many women and men were with herbs and firebrands in their hands to smoke after their custom. In November 1492 in Christopher Columbus’ journal was written “Smoking is a custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the nose, … Read entire article »

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Power of regulating tobacco products.

Many people from the whole world are smoking E- Cigarettes. They don’t contain tobacco but they are still dangerous for a person’s health. Importers have brought many arguments that electronic cigarettes are not bad. A federal appeals court has put on hold a lower court ruling allowing e-cigarettes to be imported. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has ordered banning the U.S. Food and Drug Administration from seizing the devices when they come into the country. E-cigarettes are known in the whole world as alternative to traditional cigarettes. They represent devices which heat and vaporize very small amounts of nicotine. Nicotine is the addictive substance in tobacco. Electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco.  But the FDA had declared that shipments of this kind of tobacco products … Read entire article »

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Second-hand smoke more dangerous for non-smokers.

The smoke which is exhaled by a smoker or is produced by burning tobacco products it is known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) or second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoking represents a term that is describing chemicals in tobacco smoke or the exposure to tobacco smoke without directly smoking. This is referring to passive smoking or involuntary smoking. Does second-hand smoke affect the health of non-smokers? Scientific evidence has shown that there is very dangerous to be exposed second-hand smoke and there is no safe level at all. The tobacco smoke contains harmful contaminants which can cause adverse health effects like respiratory infections, asthma or even cancer. The tobacco smoke exposure can not be reduced even if there is combined filtration and ventilation indoor together. The best protection from second hand tobacco smoke is … Read entire article »

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Nicotiana Flowering Tobacco – Queen of the night

The white flowers represent a reason to relax and feel the best of your time. The white color represents purity, satisfaction and innocence. The white flowers make the eyes and soul happy. These flowers are welcomed especially in the cases when people are very busy and tired of work.   If your only chance to admire the home garden is in the evening or the sun is already down , a very good suggestion is to choose the garden with white Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana affinis). In Romania, these flowers are called the Queen of the night, because they bloom in the evening and have very special calming effects scent. Description This plant has its history coming from South America; Nicotiana Flowering Tobacco makes the hot summer air sweeter, without being such a decorating … Read entire article »

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