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Smoking threatens teens with health problems in the future.

If the adults or young people would give up smoking then the tobacco industry will decline like a population which doesn’t give birth to next generation will in the end dwindle, these are some of RJ Reynolds’ researcher words from 1984. The majority of smokers begin this habit before they turn 18, when they are still children. Among those persons who are smoking almost one-quarter smoked their first cigarette at the age of ten. A few factors increase the risk of youth smoking. In them are included low prices of the tobacco products, tobacco industry promotion and advertising and the easy access to tobacco. Sometimes there is a pressure among teenagers to do everything like their friends, including smoking. This has an important role in increasing smoking habit, too. Other factors that represent … Read entire article »

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Old best leaders of the tobacco market.

Philip Morris International is the biggest transnational cigarette Company in the world. It is the manufacturer of the best cigarette brand- Marlboro cigarettes. In the 1999 this company had sales of more than US$47 billion. British American Tobacco is another very big tobacco seller. It has the largest network in the most countries and sells the most cigarettes worldwide, however not including the national market. This is just a small part of the tobacco company’s history about the huge sums of money that they have. Tobacco industry represents a mixture of the biggest and most powerful transnational commercial tobacco companies in the entire world. State tobacco monopolies were in decline since the 1980s. In 1980 almost 7,000 large or medium state-owned companies were privatized. But in 1990 other 60,000 were privatized after … Read entire article »

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Weight gain is directly related to quitting smoking.

Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do and could lead in the beginning to gaining weight. Many persons have a tendency to gain weight after stopping smoking. But when there are gained a few pounds it is normal, but when is more then it becomes a problem that can lead worrying health issues. Smoking cigarettes or any other tobacco product and weight gain are depend on each other. It is very important from the beginning to understand the bound between giving up smoking and weight gain. There are many factors which cause different changes in a person’s body, when he quits smoking. One of the most important components is metabolism. It has been noticed that smoking tobacco increases the rate of the body. It gives it a help to … Read entire article »

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Tobacco considered the most demanded trade product for centuries.

Tobacco represents a product which is agricultural and is made from the leaves of plants in the genus Nicotiana. Tobacco is possible to be used as an organic pesticide, be consumed or in the form of nicotine tart rate. The last one is used quite often in some medications. People consume it more often in the forms of dipping tobacco, chewing, smoking, snuffing or snus. For a long period of time tobacco was used in Americas as an entheogen. Anyway this product brought money to a lot of people in the past and it still does in the present. This has happened even before the Europeans came to North America. Tobacco became very fast a wanted product. It was considered one the most valuable trade items. After the American Civil War there … Read entire article »

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China takes important decisions regarding smoking phenomenon.

China is a country which has millions of people. It is one of the most populated places on the Earth. There is a smoking problem too, that is why the authorities are trying to solve it by banning cigarette smoking in any indoor public place. This law is active in seven capitals and there is a hope that the same ban will be active in the whole country. All of these actions were taken because it was noticed that Chinese people have more health problems than in the last couple of years. China is the world’s bigger cigarette and tobacco products consuming nation. They have to very careful about this and not let the smoking phenomenon lead their lives. By banning smoking cigarettes indoor public places, there could appear some resistance … Read entire article »

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No more Marlboro Lights- Simple Marlboro Gold

There were made some changes inside the tobacco company Philip Morris International regarding the name of the Marlboro Lights cigarette brand. It simply doesn’t exist any more, because terms like “mild” or “light” are being banned in the present day by the law. The ex Marlboro Lights are called now Marlboro Gold and there is almost no difference at the package design. The tobacco marketing has decided this because this is what the law asks. On February 18, there was reported that Tobacco Companies are trying to hide some truths about the usage of cigarettes and how they influence on a persons life, by using color coding. This subject was analyzed very carefully by Gregory N. Connolly who is a representative from Harvard School of Public Health. We can bring another example … Read entire article »

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