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Electronic cigarettes- an alternative to tobacco.

About electronic cigarettes we can talk anytime, because this is a subject that is often discussed in the entire world. And everyone has the same question, if it is better to smoke them or stay to tobacco smoking. Tonya Moraffah is a 54-year-old executive assistant from Tustin, California and she is considering herself a nonsmoker, because she is smoking electronic-cigarettes. She also affirms that she doesn’t like to smoke like a cigarette. Anyway she is very pleased that she no longer carries a lighter or sucks breath mints all day in the office. This woman says that she feels healthier than she was smoking tobacco. E-cigarettes contain cartridges of nicotine that releases vapor that should be inhaled. There’s no odor or smoke. A lot of people believe that they are safer than traditional cigarettes and that … Read entire article »

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Smoking bans in public and working places.

In public and in workplaces should be smoking bans, because this could lead immediately to a reduced the number of heart attacks among both smokers and nonsmokers, according to a report conducted by the Institute of Medicine. The report offer support for the anti-smoking laws that already exist in 21 states including the District of Columbia and wants to make efforts to bring such laws elsewhere. It is obvious that smoking bans are working. Dr. Lynn Goldman is a very well known person at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who led the panel that produced the report. “Bans reduce the risk of heart attacks in nonsmokers as well as smokers.” There’s no question that second-hand smoke has an adverse health impact in workplaces and public environments, affirmed Dr. Clyde Yancy, president … Read entire article »

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How is Philip Morris International dealing with the fragile economy?

Philip Morris International Inc posted higher-than-expected fourth-quarter profit and announced a new $12 billion share repurchase program, sending its shares up more than 4 percent.The company, which sells Marlboro, Parliament cigarettes and other well known brands outside the United States, said selective price increases helped it go through the harsh economic conditions and high unemployment rates that made some smokers to buy lower-priced brands. Now the economy is fragile and it needs a good recovery. The company believes that even though it is a hard period that everybody is going through they hope the results will be even better than the last year. They will make everything that is possible for that to happen. In 2003 took place the rebranding of Phillip Morris to Altria. The name “Altria” means “high” from … Read entire article »

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