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E-cigarettes banned on U.S. commercial flights

If you get your nicotine fix from an electronic cigarette, forget about doing so on a commercial flight in the U.S. U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announced today in a news release that e-cigarettes would be banned on all scheduled flights of U.S. and foreign carriers into and out of the U.S. The U.S. Transportation Department also extended its ban against smoking to charter flights on which a flight attendant is a required crew member. “This final rule is important because it protects airline passengers from unwanted exposure to aerosol fumes that occur when electronic cigarettes are used on board airplanes,” Foxx said in the release. “The department took a practical approach to eliminate any confusion between tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes by applying the same restrictions to both.” The release cited studies showing that e-cigarette … Read entire article »


E-Cigarettes And The Limits Of Regulation

Technology moves quickly and its impact can be far-reaching. A decade ago, how many of us could have predicted drones, self-driving cars, or even the iPhone? Regulation of new products and categories doesn’t move as fast. Certainly, we need rules around emerging tech-driven categories to ensure safety and quality for customers, as well as a healthily competitive market. But the regulatory bureaucracy dates back to the industrial revolution. That was a time of much upheaval in its day, but one that seems quaint in the era of automatic software updates and Moore’s Law. When it comes to innovation – the very soul of most tech-driven industries – the regulatory process can get in the way. The tension … Read entire article »

San Francisco Plans to Ban Cigarettes Sales to Those Under 21

Supervisors Scott Wiener, Eric Mar and Malia Cohen intend to present legislation these days that would make it unlawful to offer tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21. The American Heart Association, which encourages the regulation, states that almost 95 % of smokers start smoking before they are 21. Wiener affirms the intend is that making it more challenging for young people to obtain cigarettes will reduce in general the number of cigarette users. He claims smoking is harmful for San Franciscans’ health, however there is more than simply a human cost. If the regulation passes, San Francisco would come to be the latest in an increasing list of jurisdictions to increase the minimum age for … Read entire article »

Nepal Introduces World’s Biggest Graphic Health Warnings on Cigarette Packages

Nepal not too long ago has put in place the world’s major graphic health warnings on cigarette packages, covering about 90 % of the front and back of the package. Nepal’s new warnings establish a worldwide example and demonstrate other countries what can be achieved by prioritizing health and standing up to the cigarette industry. The warning labels were put in place in spite of ambitious attempts by the tobacco industry and its allies to halt them. Nepal’s warning label law followed under assault by tobacco industry allies like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, as noted in the report of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce published earlier this year. Investigation demonstrates that efficient warning labels raise understanding … Read entire article »

Big Tobacco takes UK government to court over plain packaging

Big Tobacco took the British government to court on Thursday, arguing that the UK’s “plain packaging” law which will take effect next May, unlawfully takes away its intellectual property. Companies including Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Imperial Tobacco Group are challenging the legislation because it will prohibit all forms of branding on tobacco packaging, including colors and logos. The rule, known as “plain packaging,” would also require graphic warnings illustrating the health problems smoking can cause. It aims to reduce smoking’s death toll by making the packs less attractive. “Smoking is catastrophic for your health and kills over 100,000 people every year in the UK,” said a spokesman for the Department of Health. … Read entire article »

Should you have to be 21 to buy cigarettes?

he vast majority of smokers start before they turn 21. That’s not surprising. Most adults at age 30 or 40 wouldn’t dream of lighting up. They are better able to weigh the risks of smoking against — we use this term generously — the rewards. But too many younger people still light up. Even though they’ve heard the scary public service announcements. And the lectures from parents and teachers. Right now, in most states, including Illinois, people can buy cigarettes legally at 18. But Hawaii has raised its tobacco sales age to 21, effective next year. Several cities, including New York and suburban Evanston, have already raised the tobacco purchase age. California, too, is moving in that … Read entire article »

Marlboro Volume Dropped by 2.8%

Philip Morris USA’s local cigarette shipment volume in the course of the Q3 to the end of September, at 33.165 billion, constituted about 2.8 % lesser than it was registered in the Q3 of 2013, 34.117 billion. Marlboro volume dropped by 2.8 % to 28.581 billion, whilst the volume of the company’s other cigarette brands declined by 8.3 % to 1.848 billion and its lower-priced brand volume increased by 1.3 % to 2.736 billion. In featuring Q3 and nine-month figures recently, Altria reported that the drop in PM USA’s Q3 reported local cigarettes shipment volume had been generated by an industry-wide decrease, to some extent compensated by retail share profits. ‘For the first nine months of 2014, PM … Read entire article »

Gauloises Maker Plans to Increase its Dividend by 10%

Imperial Tobacco reported it would increase its dividend by around 10 % in the upcoming year, demonstrating confidence that cost reductions will assist it to deal with poor consumer spending and larger taxes that affected its annual revenue.   The same as all cigarette manufacturers, Imperial has been struggling with decreasing sales in several markets, as more people stop smoking. On top of that, fragile economies and government tax boosts are making cigarettes less affordable, resulting in lower-priced cigarette brands increasing in popularity.   Imperial, whose cigarette brands include well known Davidoff and Gauloises, has handled this by reducing costs, including closing factories, leading to over 60 million pounds of savings in the year. It explained it was on … Read entire article »

Calls For Regulation e-cigarette

As the vaping community rapidly grows, along with e-cigarette devices with increasingly powerful batteries and endless flavors, so do calls from public health advocates for federal oversight of the market. Some groups are urging the Food & Drug Administration to subject e-cigarettes to the same regulations as traditional cigarettes, including requiring health warnings on packages and prohibiting e-cigarettes from being sold to minors. Others are also calling for FDA to ban candy and other kid-friendly flavors. FDA currently regulates only those e-cigarettes, e-juices, and other vaping supplies that make therapeutic claims. FDA proposed a rule last April, however, that would allow the agency to begin regulating e-cigarettes as tobacco products. The agency expects to finalize that … Read entire article »

Price of cigarettes to rise to €10 a pack

Finance Minister Michael Noonan is increasing the price of a packet of cigarettes by 40 cent, it has emerged. The price increase will come into effect overnight. Meanwhile, workers earning less than €12,000 will be exempt from the Universal Service Charge under other plans to be announced by Minister for Finance Michael Noonan. The new move is expected to boost lower and middle income earners. Informed sources said today that the only tax hike planned is the price of a packet of cigarettes as the Government attempts to put a few extra euro into the pockets of hard pressed families. Therefore there will be no alcohol tax increases. The total cost of Budget 2015, including tax measures and spending, is … Read entire article »

BAT to Sell Voke Tobacco Substitute

Nicoventures, a company formed by British American Tobacco Plc (BATS) to develop substitute nicotine products, said it will sell a new alternative to cigarettes that has received U.K. approval to be prescribed by doctors. The Voke inhalation device will become the unit’s first licensed product after developer Kind Consumer gained approval from the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, Nicoventures said today in an e-mailed statement. A further license is required to allow the cigarette-shaped product to be manufactured via an automated process. “This is better than an e-cigarette for BAT, because it can be prescribed by doctors and there is no debate over its safety,” said Erik Bloomquist, an analyst at Berenberg in London. “We … Read entire article »

Drinking vs smoking – which is worse?

Drinking vs smoking – which is worse? Quiz Alcohol should come with cigarette-style health warnings, say MPs, who want more to be done to combat drinking. But when it comes to the costs of booze and fags, which is worse? A new report from a cross-party group of MPs is calling for a range of measures to tackle what they have called a “national pandemic”. Along with warnings on packaging, they want all alcohol to be clearly marked with a minimum unit price and calorie count, more regulation on alcohol marketing and a reduction in the drink drive limit. In the manifesto, which lists 10 recommendations, the all-party parliamentary group on alcohol misuse outlined the sheer scale of the … Read entire article »